Selasa, 03 Maret 2015

Rose Clay Ring

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Good Wednesday morning everyone!!! ^o^
Alright, it’s March already. Today I will upload my newest craft work, that is clay ring! Yeah, I am playing with clay again. Finally I can make this simple rose from clay. I use Thai Clay. I do not have a ring stuff, so I use small keychain ring then covering it with clay. Eventhough I use the smallest keychain ring, it still bigger than my fingers (all of my fingers). But I do not care, I am still learning to make something for clay. Next time, I will the ring stuff. Hehehe :p
I make yellow rose with a little bit orange. I am still not good at making gradation. Then,  I need to learn more. I know, the ring I make is weird, because there is a rose, 2 small red flowers, and grapes. Yeah, grapes. I just want to use the colour purple, so I make grapes. Weird combination, but I like the colours.

Alright, I need to work on my other project and to go somewhere today. So, see you next time!!! ^o^

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