Senin, 31 Maret 2014

Peony Felt Flowers

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Hello, welcome April! ^o^
Today I will upload my newest felt flowers. Yeah long time I do not make felt flowers. This time I make peony from felt. Its rather difficult at first but the result is pretty, I think. I make it in two colours, deep purple and red.

It available on my shop. Please kindly visit my fanpage Imero Hemo on facebook. Hehehe… J

Minggu, 30 Maret 2014

Cute Sleep Masks

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Yay, I make sleep masks again! Actually I make it last week but just write about it today. Sorry, hehehe… J
I make it simple but I use cute cotton fabric, such as butterfly, cat, and cupcake. I sew it into 3 different shape, that is butterfly, cat, and bear. They’re available on my shop. Just visit my fanpage Imero Hemo on facebook.
Me myself usually use sleep mask when I can’t sleep at midnight, when I’m traveling, or sleep over ( I do not use it everyday). I think when I use sleep mask eventhough I can’t sleep I will sleep, because even if I open my eyes, I can’t see anything (its dark behind sleep mask). It makes me sleepy. I also use my sleep mask when I’m traveling or sleep over, because I’m a person who not comfortable sleeping when the lamp is on or bright room. I love sleep on the dark, but not pure dark. But sometimes, our acquintances when we traveling or sleep over doesn’t like dark, so we can’t switch off the lamp. It’s the time to use sleep mask. Hehehe… :p

Alright, see you next time on my new project! ^o^

Spiral Fabric Flowers

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Well, well, well, hello! ^o^
Alright, this are my new fabric flowers on my shop. I call it as Spiral Flower because I playing with the colours to make it like a spiral. My fave one is the one with pink, purple, and blue combination.

Yeah, there are also other fabric flowers on my shop, just go there to look at them. You can visit my shop on facebook, fanpage Imero Hemo.

Kamis, 27 Maret 2014

Flower Hair Comb

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Hello, happy rainy Friday morning, everyone! Lately Martapura was very hot, so I am happy now because its raining this morning. Hehehe… J
Ah yes, this is Flower Hair Comb that I made few days ago and just now I have time to write about it. I use sateen fabric, a deep red and coral. I love the colour combination. It gives warm feel. Yeah, I love bright and warm colours.
Its available on Imero Hemo.

Alright, see you next time. I need to wait until the rain stop so I can take a picture of my newest fabric flower, hehe… J

Jumat, 21 Maret 2014

Kokeshi Felt Doll

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She is cute, isn’t she? Hehehe… J
Look at my newest felt doll. I just bored then messing around on pinterest then find a picture of some felt dolls that looks like kokeshi but it also looks like princesses in kimono (I dunno which one is right). I love their hair do. So, I decide to make one with my style of felt doll, with smile eyes, pink blush on, flower embroidery on clothes, and of course flowers as hair accessories.

I make it as keychain and it’s available on my shop. Hehehe… :p

Mad Quotes

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Well, I was in bad mood that time and too lazy to draw a doodle. So I decide to took picture of a plain white paper. I edited it with my phone using cymera (an app that you can download on play store for android).
I’m honest while write this quote. Because I really do not like people who always ask other people to do what they want but never know ho to give in return. Yeah, actually if we give things to other people, its better if we forget it. When the right hand give, the left hand need not to know, right? But what if the same people always ask you to do or buy something for them but actually they can do it or buy it by theirself? Its annoying, right? Yeah, I have no problem if the one who asked were my parents or my brothers because I love them so much. Actually I love to give things to my friends or other people. Once or twice in a year is an okay, but what if they ask regularly? It’s really annoying! And the more annoying things is, as egoist person, they never know how to give in return.

The second one. I was mad to someone who stabbed me on the back. Twice. Yeah, twice! I was really nice to them but what they get me? A backstab. Yeah, that’s life. You can’t believe anyone. May be they think that I was a threat, so before I defeat them in a fair battle, they backstabbed me. I really disappointed. They made a mistake but I forgave it and give second chance. But unfortunately, they do not use it wisely. So, I’m sorry if I will ignore them in the future. I will not do revenge, because my God will not like it. But, in other hand, I’m not a really good people who has pure heart who always forgive people. So, I choose to ignore them. Just let’s see, what will they do to me? Do they still ask for help from me? Oh, I hope God protect me from people who has bad intentions to me. Amin!

Selasa, 18 Maret 2014

Tote Bag

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Look at my tote bag! Isn’t it cute? Hehe
This is my newest recycle project. I got the gray fabric from my mom. It was my mom’s uniform, but she do not wears it again because she was retired last year. So, I take her uniform and cut the fabric.

I decide to make a mini tote bag using that fabric. I combine it with cotton fabric. Oh yeah, I also make fabric flower from the gray fabric the glue it on the cotton fabric using glue gun. Very simple but looks cute. Hehe J

Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

Handmade Gift Tag

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Well, good Monday morning, everyone! Cheer up! ^o^
In this sunny morning I will upload my newest craft project that is a gift tag. Yeah, I’m not a scraphbooker so I do not have tools to make this tag properly. But, it’s not me if I give up, right? Hehehe… :p

Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

Fabric Flowers : Crazy Rainbow Series

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Good evening, everyone! A week I’m not here. I think I’m not too productive writing here this month. But actually I still do crafting, almost everyday.
Today I will upload some cute fabric flowers that I made this week. Three of it just finished this morning. I make it into a series of fabric flowers and I call it as “Crazy Rainbow Series”. I have two reasons why I call it Crazy Rainbow. First, I inspirated by a song “Crazy Rainbow” that used as One Piece song’s (I don’t know, its opening or ending, because the song used when One Piece aired in Indonesia is usually the first song. I usually buy & read the manga). I like that song eventhough I don’t understand the lyric. Second reason, I usually use 3 different colours to make the fabric flowers.

Jumat, 07 Maret 2014

A Girl and Baby Tree Doodle

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Well, good Friday evening, everyone. How are you?
This time I will upload my newest doodle. Actually I started this project about a week ago but just finish this morning. First, I draw the girl and her dress but then I lost my mood. So this morning I decided to finish it.
A very simple doodle. This doodle is about hope. Yeah, hope! I love symbolize a hope with a baby plant or baby tree. So, I do that in this doodle.

Sabtu, 01 Maret 2014

Umehana Kanzashi

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Good Sunday morning! ^o^
How are you today? I’m a bit sleepy because last night I drank a coffe so I can’t sleep until 3 am and I wake up about 2 and half hours after that. So last night I was make  a tsumami kanzashi from sateen fabric. I use pink and olive sateen fabric to make this cute umehana kanzashi. Ah yeah, I take different background than I usually do. But it still in my front yard.

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