Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

How To Make Lucky Star From Paper

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Years ago, I like make lucky stars. I don’t know what function of this lucky star until now. Something I know is make this lucky stars is fun and addictive. About a week ago, I bought some lucky star paper. Back of the pack, there is an instruction how to make this lucky star. I think I will upload a tutorial how to make lucky star from paper. Because, I usually forget how to make it then searching in on internet. So, its better if I have it on my own blog. Isn’t it? ^_<
So, this is the tutorial. Just fold it from step 1-8, then finish!

Review Novel : The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada

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Hello, good Saturday morning!!! ^o^
Okay, today I will review a novel that I read this week. Actually I bought this novel last year, end of November 2012 as a gift for myself after I pass my big and last exam. I bought this novel because I like detective novel, I curious about the story after read the synopsis on the back of the novel, I like the cover, and I never read novel (yeah, novel) with setting in Japan.
This novel is “Detective Mitarai’s Casebook, The Tokyo Zodiac Murders” by Soji Shimada. Actually, if I read a fiction story, I like read the setting, because it will make the story better. And I never read a novel (yeah, novel) with setting in Japan, like the situation, condition, and time. Beside that, I like the cover of that novel. Its very simple but tell many things. Oh yeah, I forget, this is Indonesian version, First time I read this novel, I was afraid. The prolog is scary and made me shivered. So, I never read this novel at night. After I read half of this novel, I really curios who is the culprit. So I cheated, I read the epilog. Wow, I never think that’s the ending.

Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

Hat Pincushions, Bantalan Jarum Bentuk Topi

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Hallo, ada pincushion atau bantalan jarum baru di Imero Hemo!!! ^o^
Kali ini ada pincushion bentuk baru di Imero Hemo. Bentuk pincushion kali ini adalah topi lucu yang dikelilingi renda dan pita. Pincushion atau bantalan jarum ini dibuat dari CD lama dan cup es krim. Ukurannya diameter adalah 12cm dan 6 cm. Pincushion/bantalan jarum ini dibalut kain katun dan kain sebata yang lembut dan dingin. Pada bagian atas dilapisi dakron tebal sehingga bisa ditusukkan jarum. Pada sekeliling topi dijahit renda warna-warni dan pita, serta tambahan corsage bunga.
Hat pincushion atau bantalan jarum bentuk topi warna bunga merah. Renda dan pita yang dipergunakan berwarna kuning, serta hiasan bunga berwarna kuning.

Rabu, 13 Februari 2013


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Seseorang pernah berkata, bermimpi perlu keikhlasan. Akalku tidak mengerti hingga rasaku yang bicara. Mimpi itu menyakitiku. Menggerogoti jantungku. Menguras air mataku.
Aku sungguh ingin lari. Lari ke arah bunga matahari mengarah. Tapi aku tak berdsya. Duduk lumpuh tanpa tumpuan.
Hidup terasa tak adil. Dan aku menyalahkan zaman yang terus berubah. Meracuni setiap hasratku. Mengaburkan pandanganku. Dadaku bergemuruh. Bibirku kelu membisu. Salahkan jiwa yang tinggalkan kesan. Laku yang tinggalkan pesan.
Tak selamanya putih menenangkan. Hitam pelarian.
Tuhan, kumohon. Ampuni aku. 

Cute Hat Pincushion

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Do you know what is this? Yeah, this is pincushion! Hat pincushion, isn’t it cute? Hehehe… ^_^
First time I see a tutorial about how to make this cute hat pincushion, I fallin in love. Its really cute and I really really want to make one. No, not one but many! But I have not suitable fabric. I think flower fabric is suitable for this kind of pincushion. So, after I buy a brown flower fabric, I make this pincushion. Its pretty simple to make. I use an old CD and an ice cream cup, go green girls! ^o^ Oh, I also use lace, ribbon, corsage, and flower fabric. Oh, I really love it! Maybe I will make more this hat pincushion. Hehehehe… ^_^

Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Cupcake Applique Pouch

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Happy rainy day! ^o^
Today I will upload a blog post about my newest craft creation. This is my first pouch. I make it from fabric and felt. Its small, about 5” x 6”. I sew cupcakes appliques, 2 big and 1 small. I also sew a word “Sweet” embroidery in the bag, beside the small cupcake. For the inside I use soft green fabric. The zipper is pink. The pouch fabric is orange. Weird combination of colours. But I love it. Hehehe… ^_^

Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Wrap Gift by Aina

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A few days ago, my friend came to me and handed me some souvenirs. First, I’m confused. He and my other friends  had just returned from their holiday in Bali and Lombok. Then, he told me to wrap its into a beautiful. I just smiled, he really know how to use my passion of craft. The gifts will be given to our lecturer and guest of honor at our graduation.

Crepe Paper Flower : Kanzashi

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Look, since yesterday I make this paper flowers. I choose to make kanzashi flower from this crepe paper. I use many colours ; deep green, baby blue, hot pink, deep pink violet, violet, deep violet, white, and yellow. It’s same when I make this kanzashi flowers from crepe paper and fabric. But there is a little different with  the smallest part. Usually I use 2 fabric when make kanzashi flower from fabric. But, when I make kanzashi flower from crepe paper, I use 3 different papers.

Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Cute Cupcake Apron for My Friend

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Oh, I confused what should I give to my friend for her wedding party! Pillow? I don’t have enought dacron. Blanket? I don’t have much fabrics to sew. Wall hanging? Errrr, I’m not sure. Coasters? Oh come on, people in here doesn’t like use coasters from fabric. Tote bag? Hmmm, I’m not sure she will use it. What about apron? Yeah, it’s a good idea.
Yeah, to make an apron I need much fabric. But fortunately, my mom gives me hot pink fabric so I can use it. I use one of my favorite fabric, ice cream fabric. Its very cute. Luckily, my said friend who has the wedding loves pink so much.

Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Cute Flowers Wall Decor

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Happy lovely Sunday everyone!!! ^o^
Okay, today I will posting about my wall d├ęcor that I made yesterday. I love flower so much and because I extremely love yellow, I want make a sunflower from fabric, felt, yarn, or whatever as long as its sunflower. Why I obsessed with sunflower? Yeah, beside it is yellow, sunflower also give me an images of sweet stories. About a week ago, I read and watch a dounjinshi about my favorite character from a famous anime with theme himawari or sunflower, with great song about himawari, I just can said “Oh My God!”. Its really sad and sweet!!! I thing I forget to tell you, I love angst stories, that’s why I only write sad stories.

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