Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

How To Make A Cute Pencil Stand Case

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Good Monday morning, girls! Today, I will write a tutorial how to make pencil stand case. This is recycle craft actually. ^_^
Alright, this is the stuff. I use a plastic glass (you can use jam jar or tuna can, or whatever), yarn, white glue and hot glue, fabric flower, felt for leaves, and lace.

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Bros Bunga Mawar

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Hello, ada bros baru di Imero Hemo! Semua bros ini terbuat dari kain kaos yang lembut, ditambah mutiara plastik dan renda yang membuat bros ini terlihat manis.
Bros mawar pink
Bros mawar hijau
Bros mawar ungu
Ukuran diameter bros kurang lebih 7-8cm. Harga satuannya adalah Rp 10.000,00.
Jika tertarik, silakan pesan lewat :
1. Kirim pesan ke Fan Page Imero Hemo (facebook)
2. Kirim pesan ke twitter @nainahafizah
Makasih!!! ^_^

Cute Yellow Rose Brooch

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Yeah, I’m making new brooch! Brooches actually, hehehe… J
Finally, I can make fabric flower like this. Since long time ago I really want make this kind of rose fabric flower, and today I do it. I make some roses with different colours, like yellow (of course), soft green, pink, and purple.
I use it as flower to my new brooches. Actually this design of brooch is quite popular here and I also like it, but I make it with my style. I also use lace and plastic pearl as decoration. I love my new yellow brooch!

Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Imero Hemo Doll : Alice in Wonderland

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Ada Alice dari Wonderland yang mampir ke Imero Hemo nih! Hehe… J
Okay, boneka flannel terbaru di Imero Hemo adalah Alice in Wonderland. Dengan gaya yang sedikit berbeda namun tetap manis. Alice menggunakan bando dengan pita berwarna hitam, tapi rambutnya dikuncir dua dan dibuat bergelombang ala gadis-gadis Lolita. Alice juga menggunakan apron renda yang sangat manis, ditambah pita putih besar di bagian belakang pakaiannya. Alice menggunakan boots berwarna biru laguna dengan hiasan pita putih.

Alice In Wonderland Doll

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Hello Wednesday night, everyone! ^o^
Today, I finishing my newest felt doll. This is Alice in Wonderland. I know that she’s different with the original Alice. But, this is style that I like. You know I like Lolita so much, so I make my felt doll, this time is Alice in Wonderland, with Lolita style. I put two tails with curly hair on her head. I also make small dress, so it will show her long feet. Oh yeah, I use lace as her apron because its not enough space on her dress if I use felt, it will looks weird if I still choose to use felt as her apron. She use black bow headband and blue boots with white bow. Isn’t her cute? Hehehe… ^_^
Oh yeah, don’t forget to like my Fan Page at Imero Hemo (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200). Okay, thank you!

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Felt Dolls

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Hello, there are new felt dolls on Imero Hemo. J
Last Monday someone ask me to make her some felt dolls. I think that’s are her favorite Korean actor. And because I don’t have much interest about Korean, so I don’t really know about the actor that’s she talking about. I ever watch his drama about 4 years ago, when I’m in high school. But, that’s not enough reference. So, I ask many things to her.

Senin, 18 Maret 2013

Cute Baby Bibs Owl

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Guess what is this? Yeah, this is baby bibs. Hehehe… ^_^
Finally, I make something with owl pattern! Yeah, that is in my head when I finished those baby bibs. I know it rather girly for a baby boy like my little nephew. But, I don’t too care. Because I’m the one who bought those fabrics, and unfortunately I don’t have fabric with boys pattern. Actually I really want to buy a fabric with London theme, but it rather expensive for my wallet, huhuhu… T^T. Oh forget that! Oh yeah, about the fabrics that I used to make those baby bibs, my sister in law and my father said it girly for a boy, my big brother didn’t has a problem with that, my mom doesn’t like unique pattern, and my little brother said he doesn’t like the combination of fabric, because he like plain fabric without pattern. Yeah, everyone give their comments on those baby bibs. Haha… ^o^
I just need about 3 hours to make those baby bibs, because its really easy to make. Unfortunately I don’t make the tutorial. May be later, if I make a new baby bibs. Oh yeah, if you don’t mind, pretty please like my fanpage at Imero Hemo (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200). Thank you so much! ^_^

Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Imero Hemo : Yummy Land Apron

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Ada apron lucu di Imero Hemo lho!!! ^o^
Kenalkan, apron baru di Imero Hemo, namanya adalah Yummy Land Apron! Yummy Land Apron dibuat dari kain katun dan kain kaos yang nyaman dipakai. Di Yummy Land Apron, ada rumah cupcake yang manis, pohon eskrim blueberry, pisang, dan kacang hijau yang menggoda, pagar yang terbuat dari cokelat hitam, batuan yang terbuat dari manisnya cokelat putih, dan bunga permen yang tak kalah manis. Semua manis di Yummy Land Apron! ^_^
Ukuran Yummy Land Apron adalah lebar kurang lebih 50cm dan tinggi kurang lebih 65cm. Pada Yummy Land Apron bagian belakang adalah kain kaos berwarna hijau muda (seperti tali ikat pinggangnya). Harga Yummy Land Apron adalah Rp 75.000,00.
Nah, jika tertarik silakang hubungi FanPage Imero Hemo di http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200?fref=ts . Bantu klik “LIKE” yaaa!!! Makasih! ^_^

Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

Imero Hemo : Roll Cake Flannel

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Ada gantungan kunci baru di Imero Hemo. Kali ini adalah gantungan kunci berbentuk roll cake atau bolu gulung. Di Imero Hemo, terdapat 5 rasa roll cake atau bolu gulung, yaitu cokelat, teh hijau, jeruk, stroberi, dan blueberry. Ukuran roll cake buatan Imero Hemo juga agak besar lho, yaitu lebar kurang lebih 6,5cm dengan tinggi (sampai tinggi stroberi) adalah sekitar 8,5 cm. Untuk toping, Imero Hemo menambahkan buah stroberi, cream puff, dan anggur ungu. Terlihat enak bukan? Hehehe… ^_^
Harga gantungan kunci roll cake flanel ini adalah Rp 8.500,00.
Roll cake rasa cokelat
Roll cake rasa jeruk
Roll cake rasa teh hijau
Roll cake rasa stoberi
Roll cake rasa blueberry
Jika tertarik silakan kunjungi fanpage Imero Hemo di http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200 atau hubungi 085651195181.

Felt Roll Cakes

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Hmmm, yummy! ^_^
Do you want my roll cakes? But unfortunately, its fake. Like usual, I make this fake cake from felt. This time I make roll cakes. I don’t know, I just want to make it then I make it. Hehehe… ^_^
I have many flavor, like chocolate, strawberry, green tea, blueberry, and orange roll cakes. I make this roll cakes as keychain eventhought its rather big.

Yummy Land Apron by Aina

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Happy Sunday morning everyone!
Today I will write about my newest apron. I make this to participate at Indonesian Crafter Monthly Challenge, February, the theme is cupcake. I joining this community just about one month, but I really want be part of them. There are lots of great Indonesian Crafters and I happy that I can see their creations.

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