Jumat, 25 Desember 2015

DIY Pencil Box

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Oh my God, how long I don't write a tutorial??
Okay, okay, this time I'll write a tutorial how to make a pencil box. Well, actually I want to do this since long time ago. Because I usually recycling things to make paper box and I want to people do recycle too. ^_^
Okay, let's start!
I use paper (used paper actually), cardboard (alsu used one), gift paper (I forgot to take picture of it), yarn, glitter ribbon, sateen ribbon, pen and ruler (to draw the box), scissor, glue gun, white glue/paper glue, match, fabric flower, lace,fabric leaves, and beads.
First, draw on paper. I draw 9cm x 9cm x 13cm. If you also use a used paper like me, use the good side for inside the box. Then, glue it to make a box.

Cake Pincushion

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Hello, good night everyone!
I just take a break from making brooches. But, I can't stop my passion for crafting. So, last Monday I make this cute pincushion. Actually I want make it for my self, but I think my mother need it more than me. Her old pincushion wasn't in good condition anymore. So, this one is for my lovely mom who loves sewing!
I can make a new one for me later. Yeah, later. I have many things to make, hehehehe ^_^

Kamis, 24 Desember 2015

Cute Gift Wrap

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Well, I pinned a tutorial about wrapping gift days ago. Then, this morning I playing around at youtube and watch tutorial about wrapping gift. I want to try it actually. And, I  get the opportunity! Yay!!!
My mom wants to give her nephew's baby a gift. Her nephew (or my cousin, but not blood related) gave birth to her baby girl yesteday. So my mom wants to visit her. Then, I said, let me wrap the gift! Hehehe ^_^
Well, this is it. I modify it so it a little different from the tutorial from pinterest and youtube (Sorry, I forgot the artists name who make those tutorials).
What do you think? ^_^

Sabtu, 19 Desember 2015

Happy Sunday and Happy Crafting!!!

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Hello, happy sunday everyone!!! ^o^
Finally, I can crafting as much as my heart want to do. Actually I just photo shooting my new brooches series for Imero Hemo. But, before that I make a simple plastic pouch.
I just use a plastic and a zipper to make it. I just sew it then tadaaaaa!!!! A simple pouch for my toiletries (when I go out or traveling). I make it because I want to and I was too lazy to buy it from fancy store. Hahaha ^o^
Well, I was told by someone that I just need to buy things, not need to make everything by myself, especially recycling thing. I know, not everyone understand the value or handmade things, so I stop show it to them. It just waste my energy and time. Well, they can say what they want and I still do my hobby, that is crafting. Hahahaha ^o^
Well, see you in next project! ♡♡♡

Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

My Explanation and New Craft Project

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Hello, good morning! Happy weekend!
Well, if you read my blog because you like me as a crafter,  you must be wonder why suddenly I write about my other job. Yeah, I ever wrote that I'm a public health who work for government. But, I never said where are my work place. I have reasons for keep it a secret. But, I need to reveal it for now.
I doing a training and education program for government, from November 8 until Desember 16 2015. I hope it explains things for you, why I do this.
Well forget about that! I'm a moody person and now I've bad mood. So, I want to enjoy my day with things I love.
About 2 weeks ago, I finished this kind of brooch. I got the fabric that I made as bow from a lady who works at a hospital in my hometown. It is pretty cute. What do you thing???
By the way, it already available at Imero Hemo. I will make more of it because I love the design. Okay, see you!!!


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