Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Drawing A Simple Sunflower

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Whoaaa…!!! Long Time I don’t use my crayons for drawing. Then today, I draw a simple sunflower with my crayons and bold pen for the line, hehehe… J
I bought my old crayons about 5 years ago when I was in High School. Its 36 colours, but 1 crayon disappeared after my mom used it, so now it only has 35 colours. I don’t too mind with the lost colour because actually I’m not fan of blue, the one that lost is blue crayon. I still have my other blue like baby blue, dark blue, and green blue on my box.
Ah, I hope I can draw more next time! See you… J

Simple Fabric Flower

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Today I make something simple from rag of fabric that my Mom gave to me. I like the colour so I decide to make a simple flower from this fabric.
Here the result.

Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

Mini Tote Bag

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This mini tote bag is my second project for today. After I sew the caddie (you can read my previous blog post), I sew this mini tote bag. Why mini? Because I just have about 0,75m this cute green fabric (the width is 1,10m) and I need make 2 craft projects with that. For the inside fabric I use pink shirt fabric. Its really really simple tote bag and need not much time to sew it.


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Hello, happy Thursday everyone! ^o^
Alright, this time I make a simple caddie for my mom, because she asked for it actually. This is my frist time making a caddie. My mom said that some caddie pouches were too big. Ah, I’m sorry Mom, may be next time I will make it smaller. Hehehe… :p

Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

Felt CD Case with Pie Applique and Name Embroidery

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Hello, happy Sunday everyone! ^o^
Long time I don’t make some craft projects, because I was very lazy. Beside that, I was captivated by Shingeki no Kyojin and some doramas like The Queen’s Classroom, Q.E.D, and Don Quixote (all Japanese drama). So, I don’t do much crafting. But now, I’am back! ^o^
I’m back with my newest craft project. It’s a CD case that I make from felt. I make CD case because my old CD case already full. I make Pie applique and a handsew embroidery for my name on the back of CD case. For my name, I use Katakana (I don’t speak Japanese actually, I just looking for the letters from a book, hehehe). Its read Ainahafiza (without the last “h”) because the cd case doesn’t has enough space for me to sew the last “h” (or “ha” if I use Katakana) of my name L.
This CD case can contain about 10 CDs because in inside I use “kasa” fabric (I don’t know what people overseas call it, but the fabric look like dragnet or something like fabric for make tutu).
Alright, see you later on my newest craft project! J

Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2013

Happy Independent Day

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Happy Independent Day, Indonesia!!! Oh and Happy Ied Mubarak too!!!
Sorry for long time no write here because I was sick and it was pretty bad. So for the same reason, I don’t make any craft project until now. I’m in lazy mood.
Today I just want to upload some photos that I took yesterday in front of my parents hause (when Independent day on 17th august). Actually I want took picture in the morning when our neighbour’s kids playing around the flag. Some of them act like they’re “Paskibra” and the others sing “Indonesia Raya”. Oh thats very cute. But when I want take a picture, my father said no, because the kids will run. So, I and my mom just smile while watching them. Oh yeah, that’s not my house (on the picture) because I took the picture while standing on our terrace.

Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

Orange Felt Flower

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Alright, I just want some orange flower hairclip for myself, so I make this felt flower. Actually I use bright orange felt, but I put some brown eye shadow on it, so that the result. I like the effect because its make the flower look like old or maybe resemble autumn flower with it orange-brown flower. I make a couple of it. Look when I use it… :p
Alright, see you in next project everyone!

Mermaid Bride Doodle

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I just want to doodling, and this is the result. Hehehe… :p
A mermaid bride doodle. I like the lace on the dress. Its pretty and I think I will doodling something with lace like that again. When I send my friend this doodle, she said the mermaid was too sexy. Yeah, may be like that. Hahaha… :p
Alright, enjoy the day everyone!

Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Tutorial Origami Bookmark

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Hey wake up, wake up!!! Its 07.15 am now!!! Eventhough today is Saturday and still fasting month (when almost people feel asleep in the morning), doesn’t mean we can being lazy and sleep all morning. Yeah, I actually don’t like to sleep at morning (except I really really feel asleep), because I usually have a nighmare. I don’t know why, but its true and some nighmare make me scared.
Alright, forget my mumbling. This morning I will upload a tutorial how to make an origami bookmark. Very easy actually. Yeah, sometimes we can forget something easy very fast, so I make this tutorial if one day I need it and too lazy to looking for tutorial on other blogs (hehehe :p ). Of course, this tutorial for you who need a simple bookmark too.

Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Paper Box From Cardboard

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Well, happy Friday morning everyone! ^o^
This morning is very cold because its raining outside. Oh I miss rain so I love today is raining. Alright, today I will upload a recycle craft that I made yesterday. Sorry I don’t post it yesterday because of my sour mood. Yeah, I’m a human who have feelings too, hehehe… :p.
This is paper box that I made yesterday. I make it from a cardboard. The cardboard I got from bedsheet box that my mom bought. When I make this big box, I have a problem cutting the cardboard because its very thick. The cover also not in perfect shape because its hard to fold the thick cardboard. After I finished the box, I covering it with paper gift with soft colours. I also printing a letter “Treasure Box” on white paper then glue it in front of paper box. I sew some felt flowers with pink and purple colours then put its on the front with other accessories like beads, plastic butterfly, and other cutted felt. What do you things about my paper box?? Hehehe… ^_^


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