Senin, 30 Desember 2013

Just Want to Say

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I just want to say (look at the doodle above). Hahaha, I’m sorry if I make your lovely day before new year become bad because you see my doodle. But, what can I do? I feel annoyed for some people for some cases but I can’t say it aloud to them. Because what? Yeah, because they’re annoying!
Once again, I’m sorry because of my harsh doodle. But, I can’t keep it in my heart forever, I need a release.
Okay, I’m ready for new craft projects again. See ya!

Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Keychain Pouch

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Long time no touch felt, but yesterday I made this cute keychain pouch for myself from felt. I just playing around at and found tutorial how to make a keychain pouch from felt. I think digu is similar with pinterest, but it is in Chinese (if I am not wrong). I don’t understand Chinese, but since the pictures and tutorials are clear, then its not a matter for me. Hehehe… ^_^
Alright, this is my keychain pouch. The way I make this was adopted from tutorial I found at digu ( I don’t know the real artis or crafter who make the tutorial). But, I make my keychain pouch like I want, with my stuff and taste. I use yellow felt because I love yellow. Then I also use lace and bow (made from felt) to make Lolita looks (yeah, I love Lolita with bows and laces, hehehe). Actually there is a special keychain holder for it, but I don’t have it so I just use keychain rings.

Minggu, 22 Desember 2013

Chrysanthemum Kanzashi

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Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!!! ^o^
Okay, this is my newest kanzashi flowers, all of them are chrysanthemum, just in different colours. They’re in white, broken white, and coral. The petals of chrysanthemum that I make this time is different with the chrysanthemum I made before, and the size of every petals also bigger, so I just make 3 layers. The leaves also has bigger size but lower in number. Hehehe ^_^

Sabtu, 21 Desember 2013

How To Sharpen Dull Scissor

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Happy weekend everyone! ^o^
I think old people always have their own ways to do their house chores in the past. Then I curious how old people sharpen their scissor, because I believe they will not throw something easily as trash. I asked my mom and she said that traditional barber usually cut the neck of glass bottle to sharpen their scissor. What? Really? Does it works?
Then I try to cut the neck of glass bottle about more than 5 minutes with my dull scissor. That scissor of mine was dull because I cut fabric, felt, paper, cardboard, tape, even thin wire with it, but I’m too lazy to buy new scissor, hehehe… :p
I didn’t know why (the scientific reason) but it works! My scissor became sharp again. Of course I was happy. If you try this, make sure to cut the glass bottle, not the other. In this picture, there’s something disturb the glass bottle neck, but I try to avoided it when I sharpened my scissor. I hope it works with your scissor too. Hehehe ^_^

Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Sweet Lavender Kanzashi Series

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Lately, I’m addicted to make kanzashi flowers in series with same colours. Hehehe… ^_^
This is my newest kanzashi series that I call Sweet Lavender Kanzashi Series. I call it like that because the main colour (that is purple) is sweet and pretty. I make 3 kind of kanzashi flowers, that is hydrangea, morning glory, and iris.

Red Velvet Kanzashi Series and Pink Chrysanthemum

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Good rainy Friday morning everyone! ^o^
Its really cold and I’m too lazy to take a bath yet. I think I need warm the water (to bath) before my flu become worse. But, before I do that, I will write some blogposts.
This time I make another kanzashi series that I call Red Velvet Kanzashi Series. Actually I don’t make it from velvet, just from soft shirt fabric. I call it red velvet because the colour looks very good (in my taste). This is a request from a costumer. She interested with Coral Kanzashi Series that I make before and wants 2 series, but just coral series that available. So, I make another series for her with her choice colours, deep red and pink.

Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013

Fabric Roses

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Good cloudy Sunday everyone! Cloudy day makes me want to lay behind my blanket in my bed then surfing on pinterest. Hehehe… ^_<
But, before I do that, I will upload two fabric roses that I made yesterday. Yesterday, I found a purple satin fabric. It’s a leftover when my mom sew her dress, so I just have a small piece of that fabric.

Selasa, 10 Desember 2013

Gift Wrap with Batik Paper and Kanzashi Flower

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What do you think about my gift wrap? Or do you interested what inside? Hehehe… ^_^
Yeah, this is one of doorstoppers in my house and of course the inside is wood, a hard and heavy one called ulin (Ulin Wood). It’s a good quality wood that really really expensive now. If I’m not wrong this ulin that we use as doorstopper is as old as my house, because this piece of wood was leftover when this house built. If you ever read my blogpost about 2 years ago (when I’m still a beginner in craft and blog), I ever made a felt cake that I call cheese cake (if I’m not wrong, I’m too lazy the recheck it). It’s the doorstopper that I remake. I remake it because it got dirty.
I just do simple thing to cover this doorstopper. I use paper gift with batik pattern, gold ribbon, bead, shir fabric to make kanzashi flower, tape, and glue. I choose warm colours because I like it. Hehehe… ^_^

Sweet and Dark Kanzashi Series

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Hello, good Wednesday morning everyone! What a good date today, December 11th 2013 (11-12-13). Hehehe… :p
Alright, I make another kanzashi series again. The name is Sweet and Dark Kanzashi Series. I call it like that because the colours that I use this time are pink, white, black, and gray. I inspirated by Lolita fashion, sweet and gothic Lolita. I love both of it, so when I got black fabric (I already have pink, white, and gray), I decided to make sweet and dark kanzashi, two opposite colours. Hehehe… ^_^

Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

Foxy Apron

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Good Saturday morning and happy weekend everyone! ^_^
Today I will write about my newest apron that I made yesterday. Yeah, yesterday and actually it finished just about some hours. Friday morning I cut felt to make the fox and flowers applique. After I take a bath then I handsew the applique. Actually I handsew all of it because I don’t brave enough to sew jeans with sewing machine. I’m afraid the machine will be broken.
Okay, this is the stuff I use. You can see it by yourself. If you read my previous blogpost you will notice that this is the second apron that I made to upcycle jeans. But there are some differences between them. You can see, this is my second jeans apron
And this is my frist one.
I really love the fox. Hehehe… ^_^

Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

Coral Kanzashi Series : Plum, Chrysanthemum, and Peony

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Good evening everyone! ^o^
I just take my bath, then praying Maghrib, and now I laying lazily on my bed, turn on my fan and wait my long hair dry while I write this blogpost. What a wonderful evening (for me)! Hehehe… ^o^
Okay, look at my newest kanzashi flowers. Aren’t they pretty? Hehehe… ^_^
Yeah, this time I make some kanzashi flowers with coral colour. I just fallin in love with this colour when I went to a fabric shop then bought it without thinking anymore. Actually I bought 3 colours (all of them I use when I make these kanzashi flowers), that is coral, leaf green, and broken white. I just think how about I make some kanzashi flowers with this colours, and this is it, my coral kanzashi series!

Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

Wisteria Kanzashi

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Finally I make it! Wisteria of Fuji Blossom Kanzashi. Actually I don’t brave enough to make wisteria or fuji blossom kanzashi because I never see the real flower by my own eyes, so I don’t know the real shape of it. Beside that, I also do not have proper stuff to make that kind of kanzashi. But yesterday, suddenly I depressed. I usually became really brave if I stress or depress. I just take my scissor then cut the fabrics.

Felt Pouches

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If you think I’m the one who make these cute felt pouches, then you’re absolutely wrong. Because the one who make these was my mom. Lately she loves make pouches from felt.
One day, she want a very simple pouch that similar to her old pouch that she usually bring to traditional market. Then she told me that she wants to make a felt pouch that the colours similar to my pouch (you can read my blogpost about my strawberry felt pouch). She take broken white and pink felt from my craft storage (because I use broken white and dirty pink on my strawberry pouch), but I told her to change pink with orchid (soft purple). She agree then she design and sew the pouch by herself.
The first felt pouch that she made was very cute. She loves combination between broken white and purple.

Cutie and Pouty Jars

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Look at my newest felt dolls! Aren’t they cute? Hehehe… ^_^
I call them Cutie and Pouty Jars because I make them in shape of jars with faces. I inspirated by pattern on my pajama (Weird? Yeah, I know). Actually the pattern on my pajama is long jar with smile face and has written ‘Sugar’ on the bottom. So, I decided to make jar felt doll with faces.

A Gift For A Friend

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Hello, happy Wednesday everyone! ^o^
Today I will write and upload 4 blogposts and this is the first one. Alright, this time I will write about a small gift for my friend. Yeah, you know I really love kanzashi and making it by myself, so I make a kanzashi brooch for my friend. Actually she isn’t my best friend but I just think I want give her something. Then yeah, I make this cute peony kanzashi for her.
She loves green so much, so I use tosca (I don’t buy a real green fabric yet) and pink. I just feel want give it to her eventhough there is nothing special happen. Yeah, that’s why my parents usually have misunderstanding if I make something for myself, for selling, or give away. Hahaha… :p
After she received the gift, she told me that she really loves it. Alhamdulillah! ^_^

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