Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

How To Colouring with Crayon

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Happy Saturday everyone! ^o^
This morning I colouring a very simple doodle flower with crayon and I take some pictures while doing it. So, now I will tell you how I colouring with crayon. Ah yeah, I’m not art student nor have art education properly. I just love drawing simple things and sometimes colouring it. So, if my technique is wrong, then I’m sorry. Hehehe…
Alright, the stuff I use are crayons and tissue for colouring. I make bold line on the flower doodle that I will colouring.

Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Kanzashi in Felt

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Hello, good morning everyone! ^o^
Today I will upload my latest craft project. You know, I really love kanzashi and I’m curious how about I make kanzashi from felt. Will it be cute like kanzashi that I make from fabric? Then, I try make it.
This is it! White Plum Kanzashi! What do you think?
I make it from white felt then I glue red beads on center of each flowers. Before that, I use red blush on on felt to make the effect. Yeah, blush on. Actually eyeshadow will works too. I ever read, some people use crayon to add colours on felt, but I never do that yet because I’m satisfied with blush on.
I love how white and red works on this white plum kanzashi. But I think the falls doesn’t work very nice. May be I will make another way, later.
This is my another kanzashi from felt, sakura kanzashi and nanohana kanzashi. I don’t make the falls because the reason above.
Alright, see you next time! ^o^

Selasa, 28 Januari 2014

Nanohana Kanzashi

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I was very happy because finally I can make rapeseeds blossom or canola blossom kanzashi. Wow! I’m really happy! Last Friday my mom bought me a yellow shirt fabric, just 0,5m actually, but I still am very happy. For a long time the fabric shop, where I usually buy fabric, run out of this yellow shirt fabric. I love making kanzashi with this kind of shirt fabric because its really (for me).
Alright, this is the Nanohana Kanzashi that I made. The information that I got, Nanohana kanzashi usually used in march. Yellow is my favorite colour and march is my birth month, very good combination, right? Hehehe… ^_^

Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

Doodle Clock

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Well, good afternoon everyone!
Its hot today. The sky is clear and bright. Love it!
Ah yeah, this is my first doodle this year and I need a year to finish it. Hahaha! No, not a whole year actually, just from December 2013 until January 2014. If I’m not wrong, I start doodling this on middle of December. I want draw something with theme steampunk because I love steampunk art. I just draw the main idea, the clock, but I just doodling the numbers and 2 cicrles of it. Then I abandoned it because I’m was not in the mood anymore. So, yesterday I feel in the mood to finish it, but unfortunately I can do my idea. I can’t stop my hand from doodling flowers. So, this is the result.
I know, its far from steampunk. Maybe next time I will serious learn to doodling a steampunk theme. Eventhough this doodle is not like my first idea, but I still love it. I find the flower lace is very cute and I can use it later on my next doodle. Hehehe…^_^

Wrap Gift with Kanzashi as Gift Topper

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Everyone must be very happy when they receive gift. Nowadays, not only the inside of gift box is important, but also the gift box itself, isn’t it? But sometime, the cute gift box is expensive, eventhough I know that the box can used repeatedly as treasure box, brooches box, money box, etc by the receiver.
This time I share easy ways to make gift looks cute. Just need a gift paper or plain coloured paper, ribbon, and fabric flower/paper flower/pompom. Wrap the gift with gift paper or plain paper then wrap it with ribbon. Then attach the flower (fabric,paper, or pompom its up to you). You can glue the flower (especially fabric flower) with brooch pin in the back, so the receiver can use it again. But please, don’t just glue it, because the receiver (may be) can’t use it again and just throw it to trash can. If you’re in lazy mood like me to glue the brooch pin, then use small pin to attach the flower. I use 6 small pins to attach the fabric flower. I use kanzashi flower, peony kanzashi, as gift topper. You can also make pompom as gift topper and it will turn out pretty cute. You can find tutorial how to make pompom from yarn on this blog (please looking for tutorial archive).
This is another way to wrap gift with very simple fabric flower.
By the way, I really love the gift with coral kanzashi and orange ribbon. I also love the hot pink ribbon. I also love the yellow gift paper. Errr, I think I like all of them. I love bright colours actually. Hahaha… ^o^

Fabric Flowers

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Well, hello! ^o^
Another fabric flowers by me. Yeah, finally I make fabric flowers with yellow fabric. This time I use cotton fabric. Actually I want make a rape blossom kanzashi (you can see each fabric flower has 4 petals) with this yellow fabric but I don’t know what happen to me, when I make it, I just want make small brooches. Yeah, blame my mood for take spontaneous decision. Hahaha… ^o^
This is another fabric flower that I make. I also make this from cotton fabric, a cute green flowers fabric. I love this fabric because I think it is pretty cute. Hehehe… ^_^
And this is another kanzashi bellflower that i made but not upload it yet, hehe

Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Felt Emboridery

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Hello, finally I’m back after not writing more than a week. Hehehe…^_^
I’m in the mood to make embroidery on felt, so this is it, a simple tree and cycle of hot pink flowers. I like the tree embroidery that I made, maybe next time I will make tree embroidery for fall season with orange and olive leaves.

Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

Bellflower from Cotton Fabric

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Yeah, I know, another bellflower. Like I wrote before in my previous blogpost that lately I love making bellflower kanzashi.
This time I make bellflower kanzashi from cotton fabric and shirt fabric. It can use as hair accessories, headband, or brooch (use on the head for woman who wears hijab).

Senin, 06 Januari 2014

Sasirangan Bellflower

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Finally I make it, my first kanzashi that I make from Sasirangan (traditional fabric from South Kalimantan). Actually just the outer of the bellflower that is sasirangan fabric, the inside and leaves are from shirt fabric. I love this kanzashi because it really pretty.
Sasirangan fabric that I used was leftover when I make a dress with this fabric. That’s why I just make 2 bellflowers. I love sasirangan, because I think its pretty. I think I will make another fabric flower with sasirangan. Hehehe…^_^

Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

Kanzashi Hydrangea

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Yeah, first craft poject this year! ^o^
This time I’m in the mood to make hydrangea kanzashi. Actually I spent 3 days to finish this kanzashi flowers because I make this while I don’t watch anime or movie. Yeah, lately I spend my time to watch anime or movie that my lil bro gave.
This time I have a new colour, that is fuschia. I love fuschia because this colour is bright but unfortunately I don’t have much of this colour (except I buy it again).
They’re available on my online shop, Imero Hemo. Just visit me there, will you? ^o^


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