Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

Roses Kanzashi

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Roses kanzashi!!! ^o^
What do you think about my new fabric roses? Isn’t it cute? Hehehe… :p
Actually last night when I learn how to fold a fabric to make morning glory, I realize the petals (before I fold again) are similar to petals that used for roses (kanzashi). So, I try make kanzashi rose from that petals. Then, this is it, my roses kanzashi! ^_^

Dahlia Kanzashi

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Look at my new Kanzashi. What kind of flower that I make? Actually me myself don’t know, maybe it’s a dahlia. Yeah, alright, I will call it as Dahlia Kanzashi. Hehehe… :p
Actually I learn how to fold fabric to make morning glory or asagao petals, but I think the petals I make are small or something else that make me not confident to make a morning glory with it. So, I glue the petals to be a flower but I don’t know what flower. Yeah, I know I failed to make a morning glory kanzashi, but I think this kanzashi flower is cute. I put small beads on thin wire as another accessories on it. Ah, I also use a little wire (a bigger one than thin wire) on the back of flower so it looks good.

Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013

Kawaii Lollipop Keychain

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Another cute keychains that I made this week. Pretty cute, isn’t it? Hehehe… :p
I made this lollipop keychains together with doughnut keychains. First time, I think doughnut keychains are cuter than these lollipop keychains. But after I taking those photos, I think lollipop keychains is prettier in photos. Hehehe… :p
I also made these keychains from felt and make it with sense of Lolita, because I love Lolita genre so much. Of course because its cute and pretty.
Ah, I’m too lazy to edit the photos, but don’t worry, Imero Hemo is mine and that address on he picture is my another blog on wordpress. Hehe… :p

Kawaii Doughnut Keychain

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Pretty cute, isn’t it?
I’m the one who make those keychains think that it were pretty cute. Hehehe… :p
Actually since long time ago I want make a doughnut from felt. But I think it will not cute if it just a doughnut without something else. So, when I make this doughnuts from felt as keychain, I also put a ribbon with lace and beads. Then, I fall in love with it because it were very cute. Hehehe… :p
Ah, I’m too lazy to edit the photos, but don’t worry, Imero Hemo is mine and that address on he picture is my another blog on wordpress. Hehe… :p

Felt Flower : Hydrangea

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Yay, finally I make this hydrangea from felt. I think hydrangea is pretty flower. I also found hydrangea made by felt, so I want to try make it. Then, this is my hydrangeas.

Book Felt and Carrot felt as keychains

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Wow, I made these book felt keychain in a hurry because my father wants it. I hope he like it. It was very simple, just sew embroidery on felt then sew it. Then fill dacron.
Another keychain, carrot from felt. I really love the orange colour. Because it was very pretty. Hehehe… :p

Rabu, 23 Oktober 2013

Kanzashi Flower

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Finally, I make this! Kanzashi with 3 different size and just finished about hours ago. I use soft fabric (shirt fabric) to make this kanzashi, so it was so soft and weak, I mean can’t stand too long without something to support it. So, this time I use small wire to support the kanzashi flower.
Actually, I don’t know what should I do with this kanzashi. Maybe a boutoniere, hair accessories, gift accessories, or something else. I just make it because I love it. Hehehe… :p

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

Pecan Pie and Lime Cake from Felt

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Alright, this is my creation from felt after I playing Bakery Story on my tab. Yeah, I was bored, so I playing that. It was fun because the cakes and other sweet treat on that game were so cute. But, now I uninstalled it, because I need to save my battery. I need to take care of my lovely tab because its hard to save money until I can bought that. Ups, forget my rambling, hehehe… :p

Card Pouch from Felt

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Hello, happy Monday morning everyone!
For a week I’m not write a single blogpost here, but now I want to write about my card pouch that I made from felt last night. It was very simple. That’s why it was very quick to make.

Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

Sea and Ship Doodle

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This is how I spent my Saturday morning, doodling, reading manga, playing around with my tab, and listening music (actually I listening to One Piece’s songs). Yeah, it so fun!
I just use simple tools for my doodle, that were simple sketchbook, pencil, rubber eraser, bold pen (spidol), and ruler. I don’t know, I just want to doodling about a journey to a free world, because I feel disappointed with some people. Yeah, they fooled me. I was very kind to them, but look, what they did to me! The fooled me like I’m a clown to them and expect I never know what have they done behind my back. Ironically, they use innocent face in front of me and still want me to very kind to them. Yeah, they make me laugh.
This is the result of my anger, what do you think?
I never draw a ship (may be I ever, but in elementary school), so I need an example. Then I choose Sunny as my sample (Thousan Sunny, Straw Hat Pirate’s ship). I took one of my collection manga of One Piece that has Sunny inside it (The first time Sunny appeared). But in the end, I read it before I finish my doodle, lol ^o^. I also listening to One Piece’s songs because I like it so much!
Unfortunately, I got headache after I finish this doodle. I hope this doodle can bring my anger away. Oh forget my rambling, hahaha… ^o^
But, in the end, I'm being honest (to answer their questions and give them advise) and very nice to them. Aaaa, sometimes, I wonder with myself. It looks like my doodle ship brought my anger to the deep sea. Hahaha... XD

Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

Red Embroidery Phone Case

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Hello, I spent this cloudy afternoon making this cute red phone case from felt. What do you think? Isn’t it pretty? Hehehe… ^_^
I choose red felt because my tab case is red, so I think my other phone case must be red too. And of course, because I love red (beside yellow) then its not a problem to me. I just make simple embroidery on felt then sew it.
Hehehe, I need to do something, so see you later, hehe…

Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

Kanzashi Chrysanthemum, Cherry Blossom, and Plum

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Ah finally, I could make these pretty kanzashi. I mean chrysanthemum and cherry blossom kanzashi.
This is my first chrysanthemum kanzashi. I make it in orange from cotton fabric. Ah, I need learn more to make it, because the kanzashi I made was a little thick.
And this is my first cherry blossom kanzashi. I don’t know ho to make the perfect petal of cherry blossom, so I just glue it.
The last one is this, kanzashi plum blossom.
I’m in lazy mood to edit the pictures, so the blog address on it were Imero Hemo’s (my another blog). But all of it were my creation.
Alright, see you next time ^_^

Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Wedding Gift for My Friend

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Good Monday morning everyone! ^o^
This is my new craft project, apron for my friend’s wedding. My friend from junior school invited me to her wedding party, that yesterday at October 6th, Sunday. I made this apron about 3-4 days before her wedding party. I made it in a hurry but I hope it still looks good and pretty.

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