Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

A Simple Patchwork as Doormat

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Alright, good Friday morning, everyone! ^_^
Yesterday, I made a simple patchwork that I use to covering my old doormat. I made it from cotton fabric so its so rather soft, with flower pattern and polkadot pattern. It’s a simple patchwork pattern.

Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

How To Make Bunny Doll From Felt

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Hello, happy Monday everyone!!! ^o^
Long time I don’t make a tutorial and because I’m happy today (Today is Nisfu Sa’ban and it means Ramadhan will come, Yeah!!! ^o^), then I will post a tutorial about how to make this cute little bunnies from felt. Its very easy to make. I got the pattern from Pinterest, you can looking for it and download it by yourself, because I have no right to post the pattern in here (on my blog). Or you can buy the book or the pattern, its up to you.
So, the first thing we need to do is cut the felt. Ah, I forget to make the tail. Just cut a round felt like you want to make a grape from felt.

Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

Cute Bunny Doll Keychain

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Look at my mini bunnies doll. Aren’t they cute? Hehehe… ^_^
Yes, since long time ago I want make this kind of felt doll, but I didn’t know how to. Yesterday, I found a pattern to make this cute bunny. So, I downloaded it. The first part I did was the head (because I’m always curious how to make the head). A little frustrated, because its difficult to sew the ears (for me). Butt, after I finished, I feel so happy, because its pretty cute (I think).
This bunny doll is pretty small, just about 9,5 cm for height and 4 cm for width. Because its rather small, I choose to make it as keychain. Hehehe… ^_^
Alright, see you in next projects! ^o^

Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

Simple Pincushion

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Yups, another craft project I make in a hurry today. A pincushion. Yeah, like I said before I’m not in lazy mood, so I just make some simple craft projects. Actually I can’t wait until I’m in good mood to do crafting, because I need those things (the keychain I post earlier and this pincushion) immediately. Hehehe…
So, see you next time on new project. Bye!

Mini Keychain

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Alright, happy Monday everyone! ^o^
Today I make a new keychain for my motorcycle key, because the old one is broken. It’s a simple one because I’m in lazy mood. Maybe I will make a new one if I’m in good mood. Hehehe…^_^

Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

Glasses Pouchs For Mom

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My second craft project today, glasses pouchs from cotton fabric for my mom. Hehe… ^_^
Alright, this morning, when I sew the baby bibs for my nephew, my mom come to see what I’m doing. Then she said, the fabric I use was cute. Then she wants me to sew a glasses pouch from that fabric for her. She means the cat fabric. I said I have two different colours, green and blue, so I asked her, which one she wants. Then, she said, make one for each colours. She wants use it for her glasses. Yeah, she said she was lazy to bring the glasses box because its too big to put inside her wallet. Sometimes, she just bring wallet (the big one) when she go out and she doesn’t want her glasses get scratch, so she need something to protect it. Yeah, that’s why she wants glasses pouch from fabric.

Tie Baby Bibs for My Nephew

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What a tiring day! Hahaha… ^o^
Today I finish my craft project, baby bibs for my baby nephew. I just want to sew it because my sister in law brought the owl baby bibs that I made months ago, so nothing left. Yeah, except the baby bibs my mom made in a hurry, and its pink (my nephew is a baby boy). And because I’m also don’t have much time to looking for ideas, so I make simple baby bibs. Two baby bibs with tie from felt. Here they are:
Actually I don’t like the colour blue, but I still bought the white polkadot on blue fabric. But, its cute isn’t it? By the way, my brother and my sister in law adores blue so much, so I think they will love this baby bibs.

Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

Bando Bunga

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Selamat hari Sabtu!!! ^o^
Hehehe, kali ini ada bando hias dari kain flannel yang bisa sekaligus dipakai sebagai flower crown. Ada dua model, yaitu bunga matahari dan bunga anemone. Apabila ingin digunakan sebagai bando, maka memakainya secara vertikal. Tapi jika ingin memakainya sebagai flower crown atau mahkota bunga, maka memakainya harus secara horizontal (seperti yang dipakai oleh boneka lumba-lumba ini, hehe).
Bunga Matahari

Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

Doodle : The Fighter

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“You’re fighting alone, because they don’t know that you’re a fighter”, its sentence that written on my doodle today. I have a reason why I wrote that.
Alright, doodle make me fallin in love! Actually I have another doodle that not finish yet. But, because I have bad mood today because of something, so I express my feeling on doodle. A gloomy doodle. In this doodle, I draw a girl with evil eyes. If you likes read manga or watching anime, you will know what I mean with evil eyes. Her eyes is small and long with her pupil not touch the bottom of her eye line. Usually, villain character on manga and anime has eyes like that, hehe… :p .She wears a dark gown, I make it looks like a gothic but a little vintage style. She also has long hair  and her bang covered one of her eye. Actually I want draw her full face (with two eyes), but because I use bold black pen and draw the hair first (before the face), so I can’t erase it. Sorry, but I don’t have tools to draw doodle. I just use the ordinary tools.

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Aina's Doodle

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Doodle is addictive! ^o^
Hahaha, that’s what I feel about doodles. So, after I did my first doodle yesterday, today I do a new one. But, this one is more simple than the first one, hehe… ^_^

Senin, 03 Juni 2013

My First Doodle, Sweet Journey

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Doodling is so much fun!!! ^o^
Alright, lately I’m interested with doodles and want to try it. So, today I do it, doodling. Oh God, its look like my right brain shouts “Horray! I’m free!” since I start doodling until I finish it. Its just, what should I say, very free. I just let my right brain and my hand work. Yeah, since its my first time, sometimes I check doodles patterns or ideas on internet. But still its so much fun. My imagination looks like can’t stop. I stop when I must go out and pray Zuhur.
Wow, I really like doodle. I think I will make new doodles, soon. Hehehe… ^_^
See you next time!

Big Pin : Jendela Berbunga

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Hello!!! Setelah 2 minggu lebih absen, akhirnya ada lagi yang hadir di Imero Hemo. Kali ini yang hadir masih sama dengan yang kemarin, yaitu big pin dengan tema jendela berbunga.
Big pin ini terbuat dari pin plastik yang bagian atasnya dilapisi kain flannel yang telah disulam bentuk jendela, ditambah dengan hiasan bunga yang terbuat dari flannel dan kupu-kupu plastik.
Diameter pin kurang lebih 5,8cm, dengan renda diameter kurang lebih 10 cm.
Harga Rp 14.000,00.
Jika tertarik silakan hubungi Fan Page Imero Hemo. Silakan klik gambar Imero Hemo yang ada di blog ini untuk terhubung dengan Fan Page Facebook Imero Hemo atau silakan klik link berikut http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200.
Terima kasih! ^_^

Big Pin : Flower Window

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Hello, happy Monday!!! ^o^
Finally, I can make new craft creation. This time is a big pin that similar like the previous big pin with Eiffel/Paris theme. The function is still same, for decorate bag.
This big pin’s theme is window with flower. I use the plastic butterfly as decoration beside the felt flowers. Isn’t it cute? Hehehe… ^_^

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