Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

Cute Pincushions For My Mom

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Okay, I make new pincushions! Isn’t its cute? Hehehe… ^_^
Yasterday, after I show my mom my pincushion, she asked me “Where is mine?”. I never know that my mom want a pincushion too. So, I make her some cute pincushion. Its better that the first pincushion that I made. Its more cute and sweet. Oh my, I want its. But I give both of its to my mom. May be, I will make a new one later for my self.

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Felt Butterflies for My Mom

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Look at this picture, there are some cute colourfull butterlies over the flowers. Hihihi… ^_^
A few months ago I made some felt butterflies as our refrigerator decoration, but then my parents gave all of its to my other family. So, I need to make new felt butterflies. I ever make felt flowers but my mom doesn’t like it. And now I make 12 felt butterflies. I hope my mom statisfied with its. ^_^

Pincushion By Aina

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I want a pincushion!
Yeah, that’s on my head. I want a pincushion but too lazy to go to market and buy a pincushion. So, I decide to make one by myself. Actually I never make a pincushion before, so this is the first time. I use a round place (a palce for jewelry, it’s a wedding souvenir  my parents got when they visited a wedding party, but none ever use it) as basic. Then I just cut a fabric, batting, and sewing it. Then I covering the basic with felt, lace, and gold ribbon. And finish. I know, its weird, but its usefull now. Hahaha… ^o^

Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Flower Brooches

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Morning, everyone!!! ^o^
In this happy morning I will upload my latest craft creation. I made some flower brooches. I was went to market with my mom last week, and I want buy some brooches for my self. But there was nothing like I want, somethimes its too expensive and sometimes I can make like what they make. So I make those flower brooches by myself. Its very easy to make. I use cotton fabric, chiffon fabric, and some beads. Aren’t they cute? Hehehe… ^_^

Food : Lontong

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Good morning, everyone!!!
Do you eat your breakfast? Yeah, I always eat my breakfast (if I’m at home because I can’t cook, my mom do). So, this morning I will upload one of my favorite breakfast. Its Lontong! Isn’t it delicious? Hehehe… ^_^

Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Senyum Kecewa

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Aku salah melangkah. Aku keliru membaca petunjuk arah.
Aku tak pernah menyangka. Pikirku, aku berdiri di balik tembok batu yang dingin dan kokoh. Namun, prasangkaku terpental. Aku lengah dengan kilau belati itu. Tak terbayang tajam yang akan menggores.
Tapi kini aku tahu. Betapa lihai tangan itu. Betapa mengerikan seringai itu. Betapa tajam belati itu. Betapa sakit tiap tetes darah dipaksa mengalir dari lukaku.
Namun, aku bersyukur, hanya tetes luka terpatri di senyumku. Karena kali ini, mataku bisu.

Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

Cute Thanks Cards By Aina

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Gift without card? Oh no!
I have fun when make those goodie bags and souvenirs. But its not perfect if those cute goodie bags given without cards. So I make the cards too. I make the cards form paper. I use sketchbook paper then print out paper pattern that I download from Creative Park by Canon. I also use some beads, butterfly, lace, and felt. Hope they (the receiver) will not threw out those card to trash can. Hihihi… ^_^

Butterfly Brooches By Aina

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Okay, still about my essay presentation, I’m not only make plushies for goodie bag, but also make some butterfly brooches for my audience too. Its very simple. I use chiffon fabric, pale yellow and baby pink. But unfortunately I have not much time, so I just make 6 broochs. I hope my audience like its. Oh, and thank you for coming and support me! ^_^

Goodie Bag For Aina's Presentation

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Happy Sunday, everyone!
Unfortunately those cute cat plushies bring sweet yet sour memories for me, so I detele the story behind it. But still, my craft projects like my child, so I will not deleted the memories of them (my craft projects :p )

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