Sabtu, 27 April 2013

Kanzashi Bloom

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Okay, I make new kanzashi broochs again! ^o^
This time I make bloom kanzashi, different with kanzashi broochs that I ever made. I just make two of its because its still rather difficult to make (for me).

Bros Kanzashi Bunga Kotak

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Siang…!!! ^o^
Siang ini ada bros kanzashi baru di Imero Hemo. Bros kanzashi kali ini hadir dengan warna yang cerah, yaitu hijau dan fuschia. Dibuat dari kain katun motif dengan tambahan putik dan beads. Ukuran diameter bunga kanzashi adalah kurang lebih 5 cm.
Kanzashi Green Bloom
Kanzashi Pink Bloom
Harga Rp 6.500,00.
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2.      Twitter @nainahafizah
Terima kasih!

Kamis, 25 April 2013

Paper Box For Imero Hemo Request Doll

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Well, another paper box! ^_^
This time I use ordinary white paper. On one side, its printed (because I used it for college), and the other is plain. Because I’m too lazy to throw out those papers (I have lots of used paper like this), so I reuse it. I know its not hard enought for a box, but its enough for my craft product box. Actually I use this as felt doll box. Hahaha…^_^
This felt doll requested by my juniors at college (you can read it in Imero Hemo's file, after this post about the doll). They want make a tool for health communication (counceling) about DHF, and I thought their target are elementary school students. That’s why the doll use elementary school uniform. I also make a mosquito felt doll (and because its big, I think its like a fly, hahaha).
Alright, see you and have a nice day! ^_^

Selasa, 23 April 2013

Bros Kanzashi Kupu-Kupu Mini

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Holaaaaaa!!! Ada bros kanzashi mini di Imero Hemo! ^o^
Kali ini ada bros kanzashi kupu-kupu dengan ukuran mini, kurang lebih lebarxtingginya adalah 3,5-4,5cm x 2,5-3cm. Dengan warna yang manis dan ukuran yang mungil, cocok dipakai oleh hijaber yang ingin tampil sederhana namun tetap manis.

Pose Tidur Grim

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Wah sudah lama ya aku tidak menulis tentang hamster. Terlalu sibuk dengan urusan kuliah sih ya, tapi sekarang sih sudah lulus (baru saja sih). Nah, kali ini sekedar mau upload foto dan berbagi pengalaman saja.

Jumat, 19 April 2013

New Cactus Pincushion

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Hello, good afternoon, everyone! ^_^
Yeah, this morning I make a new cactus pincushion. Its smaller than the one I made yesterday. I also use cotton fabric for the cactus and put some pieces of soft brown felt on the pot. I put this pincushion on my desk. Oh, its pretty cute (I think). Hehehe...^_^

Rabu, 17 April 2013

Cactus Pincushion

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Okay, I make new pincushion. This time is cactus pincushion. Hehehe… ^_^
I find a tutorial how to make this cactus pincushion at a site. Then, I really want to make it. Since I have lots of free time, so I make this pincushion this morning. Its pretty easy. For decoration, I sew my name in Hiragana (I hope its not wrong) on a beige felt then gluing it on the pot.

Pink Flower Brooch For Myself

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And finally I have pink flower brooch! ^o^
Okay, actually I have pink brooch, but it’s a bow, not a flower. Ah, I forgot. I also have pink flower brooch that I bought long time ago. Its really big, so I usually use it as hairclip. Because its fun to use big hairclip. Hahaha…
Okay, I make this brooch in a day. Just about an hour (while watching television). Actually I want to put some leaves and plastic pearls too, but in the end I choose not using both of it. So, just the flower. Its diameter is about 8 cm. And I think its cute. ^_^

Senin, 15 April 2013

Training OHSAS and Meet Friends

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Hello, hello, hello!!! ^_^
This weekend I wasn’t make anything because I’m rather busy with my training. I meet my friends and I’m so happy because we can’t meet each other after we graduated (end of February 2013). I’m happy to come and learn again like when I’m still in college.
Our training is about ISO 18001, Occuaptional Health and Safety Assasment Series. Fortunately, last year I studied at a corporation, and this training is very usefull. As if this training is happen last year, it will more usefull (before I study at that corporation).
Yeah, this are the souvenirs after I joint that training.
And this is me and my friends photo when break time.
Afternoon after training, we have a party on a restaurant. My friend, Eci, treats for all of us. Thank you girl! ^_^
Saturday, we say hello each other. And then, Monday, we say good bye.
See you next time guys! ^_^

Paper Boxes

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I was in the mood when I make those paperboxes. Actually just two paperboxes. I make those so I can use its for my felt pieces. Yeah, I’m very lazy to throw out my felt piece after making something, because sometime I still can use it. But I need a place or box for it. And then, this are my boxes for my felt pieces. Hehehe… ^_^

Kamis, 11 April 2013

Easy Paper Box

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Alright! I’m in a hurry to make this paper boxes. Tomorrow, my friends will come and sleep over at my house for 2-3 days (we have a training at this weekend). So, I need some boxes for my craft stuff. Yeah, I don’t like people touch my craft stuff (the stuff only) and give comments. Because they will say “Oh, you have too much this, too much that, for what is this, what would you make with that, blablabla”. Me myself don’t know what should I do with those stuff. Ideas will come by itself, right? Hehehe… ^_^

Mini Cushion Cross Stitch

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Good evening, everyone! ^_^
Long time not doing this, cross stitch. Last time I do it is about when I’m in elementary school, about 9 years ago. Wow! I just miss doing it, so now when I have plenty time, I’m doing this. Actually, I don’t know what should I make. I also don’t have the pattern. So, I make the pattern myself. I draw a cupcake, but after I doing it, my cupcake looks like an ice cream. Hahaha… ^_^
I decide to use it as coaster, eventhough its rather big about 5 inches. But, not a real coaster actually. I use its as mini cushion for my motorcycle. Oh God, what should I call it? Yeah, something like that. Hehehe…^_^

Jumat, 05 April 2013

Imero Hemo : Boneka Sebastian Michaelis

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Ada Sebastian Michaelis dari Kurohitsuji di Imero Hemo nih! ^o^
Kali ini Imero Hemo membuat boneka flannel si butler keren ini. Bajunya serba hitam, mata merahnya yang memesona, dan senyumnya yang manis. Si butler tampan ini siap melayani. Hihihi… ^_^
Tinggi Sebby kurang lebih 20 cm dengan berat yang sangat ringan. Cocok dijadikan pajangan atau gantungan kunci, tapi tidak cocok dijadikan plush atau boneka peluk.
Harganya adalah Rp 30.000,00.
Jika tertarik silakan hubungi:
1.     Fan Page Imero Hemo (facebook)
2.    Twitter @nainahafizah
Oh ya, kalaunya mau berteman atau difollow atau dilike balik, colek aja yaa! Makasih banyak! ^_^

Sebastian Michaelis Doll

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Hello, happy Saturday morning girls! J
Yeah, I’m working on a new felt doll. Who I make? Yeah, that’s right! Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler or Kurohitsuji.
The reason why I choose to make him (for Imero Hemo actually) is because I like him so much! He’s cool and great. His red eyes are breathtaking. Trust me, I love red eyes. Hehehe…J
When I make him, I doubt I use too much black, but what can I do. Sebby use much black. So, what do you think about him? J

Selasa, 02 April 2013

Cute Paper Wheel / Paper Flower For Imero Hemo

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Done! Finally I make a new this cutie thing. I don’t really now its name. Some people calls it as paper wheel, and others calls it as paper flower. I dunno, but the thing that I know is this paper wheel/paper flower is very cute!
I just use gift wrap paper to make this cute things. I use Sansan Wawa (a brand of gift wrap paper) because the pattern is cute, the paper is rather hard so it will not broken inshort time, and its not glossy. For the front, I print Imero Hemo’s logo then gluing it. I doing that because I want to take a picture of this paper wheel/paper flower then make it as cover photo on my FanPage at Imero Hemo.
So, this is the result.

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