Minggu, 25 November 2012

Cute Cat Plushie

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Happy Sunday everyone!!!
Because of this craft porject bring sweet yet sour memories to me, so I deleted stroy behind this cute cat plushies. ^_^
Okay, this pattern is not mine. I got it from Amy Butler. I choose this pattern because I think this is cute and I have  the cat pattern fabric. But, I modified the face pattern. Because I love Japanese anime, so I make cute face for the cat plushie with shining eyes, pink blushes, and cute mouth.

Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Cute Paper Frame Photo For Wall

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Hello everyone, happy Saturday!!!
Okay, today I will upload my cute frame photo. About a month ago, my father told me that my room is very plain. He said that I have not a picture of myself on my room so people will not recognize that is my room when they visit my bedroom. Actually I have frame photos, stand frames, but I throw them out because they need much space and I don’t have space anymore because my parents buys me a new tv. Oh, I love Samsung, both of my phones is Samsung and then my new tv is Samsung too.
Alright, back to topic. Like my father said, my bedroom wall is very plain, nothing there. Actually, before I have a cross sticth frame, mosque pattern, but now my father put it in the wall behind the tv. And the rest is plain, white plain. So, I looking for ideas on internet, then I find sraphbook kit for beginners on Creative Park by Canon. I think they’re so cute so I download it and then make it. Yeah, I make three frames. Oh, I was very tires when make it, but I love the result. Then, I put its on my wall.
Here the result

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