Senin, 23 Februari 2015

Cute and Playful Fabric Flowers

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Well, good morning, everyone! ^o^
How are you? Hehehe ^_^
This morning I will write about my latest brooch or hairclip that I make for myself. I was mad because of something then I think I better make something cute than say some rude things to people that I mad at. So, this is the extract of my anger. What do you think???

Well, I won’t tell why I was mad, but I want to say that I’m not a perfect person, wealthy princess, nor mother fairy. I’m just a girl who have goals in my life and struggle for that. I will appreciate it so much of they stop disturb me. Okay, sorry for my rambling. I hope my rambling doesn’t ruin your morning. Have a nice day everyone and see you next time!^o^

Selasa, 10 Februari 2015

Felt Dolls

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Well, good Wednesday morning, everyone! ^o^
This morning I will upload my newest craft project that is felt dolls. Actually this is a request from a customer. She send me a picture then wants me to make the people on the picture into felt dolls with some changes. Then, this is it!

Actually I do not know much about what I make, but I hope she like it. Hehehe! ^_^

Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

Cute Brooch

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My second blog post this morning.
Actually I just want to upload this fabric flowers brooch. I playing with colours and found out this colour combination is so playful. What do you think? Hehehe
See you next time!

My First Time Playing Clay

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Good Wednesday morning, everyone!!! ^o^
Finally, I have time to write this blog post. Like I wrote before on my previous blog post, I want to try clay. I was bought thai clay and the tools for beginner. This is my first time playing clay, take a look.
I know, it were weird, hahaha. I need to learn more about it. By the way, when I was looking for information about thai clay, I found people make it as flowers. I think I will learn make flowers too.

Alright, see you next time.

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