Sabtu, 26 November 2016

Pretty Bows

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Happy Sunday everyone! ^o^
Today I am in the mood to make cute small things for myself. Actually I do not need it for now, but I don't think it is a problem. I will use these bows as a pin later, yeah later. Hehehe

White Brooches

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Finally I make new brooches. Last week I went to a craft shop and bought small roses and leaves. Not many actually, because I am not in the mood for instant things. Just because I know the seller and she wants me to try it, then I bought it.

Then, this is it, what do you think? I use the small roses and laves that I said before on these brooches.

Rabu, 09 November 2016

Popcycle Sticks Box

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Hello, happy November everyone! ^o^
Ah, it is 9 of November already. I was pretty busy with life. And this time I will write about something related to my work. As public health I usually educate people about something related to healthy, and one of my tools is flyer. And I need something pretty to display my flyers so people can get it freely at my work place. So I make this box from popcycle sticks. Well, isn't it pretty? ^o^

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2016

Boxes Covered Fabric

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Hello, happy Sunday everyone!
Yes, tomorrow is Monday, but it isn't a big problem for me.
Okay, today I make some boxes for my cutted fabric and beads. I choose dark tosca colour and I end up like it so much! It is so pretty I think. What do you think? ^_^

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

Back to Life

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Oh my~
Pretty long time I am not here, about 2 months!!! Well, being working adult is tough. Lately I work day and night. It makes me exhausted. I even can't make money because of it. Well, actually I ever gave it up, but it wouldn't done if I do not take a part to do something. Well, thats life.
Ah I even make a rambling about it! You can read it here!
Actually I can have much money if they pay me, hahahahaha
Well, back to the topic. I am back to crafting!!! I need much time for myself doing my passion!
I even miss making fabric flowers ^_^

Kamis, 25 Agustus 2016

Mihiro Brooches Series

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Hello, good Thursday night everyone!
Yes, it is already 10.45 p.m in my place. But I still have energy to write over here, hehehe ^_^
Well, this is my newest brooch series I named "Mihiro". I don't know why I call it like that, I even do not know the meaning of it. Hahahaha ^o^. I just want to name it "Miro" from mini rose, but then I added "hi" in between.
This is my first time making brooch from only chiffon fabric. I think it was pretty cute and the colours are so sweet~ ♡
Well, it available now at my online shop Imero Hemo. Visit me there if you like my work or want to buy it. Thank you~ ♡

Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2016


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Trust is a fragile thing, isn't it?
Once it broken, anything won't be the same anymore.
It just like a glass. Even if we repair it, we still can see the crack.
We just need to be careful whom we trust, but don't expect it from cheap people, because trust is expensive.
Also, don't lost trust from someone who is loyal, smart, or dangerous.

I found this quote (in the photo) said by Yaba in Jack of Heart's game from Alice in Borderland manga.

Selasa, 26 Juli 2016

Cake Pincushions

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Oh, hello everyone! Oh my, I am really sleepy right now. But I want to write here before I sleep.
I just finished these cute cake pincushions. Lately I love to make pincushion because I am in no mood to make brooches. Eventhough I sell these pincushions pretty cheap but I am happy while making it. As long as I am in the mood or happy, I believe I can make something pretty. Hahahaha XD
By the way, I make lots of cake pincushions but many of them already sold out. Well, actually the pincushions that I finished tonight are someone's order. I hope she likes it.
Well, I want to sleep. Good night~♡

Senin, 27 Juni 2016

Baking Dummyfood

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Oh my God, almost a month I do not write over here. The last time I wrote at May 29 and now already June 28. Yeah, what could I do? I was pretty busy with my works.
Well, right now I want to tell you about my latest work that is baking some dummyfoods. Yeah, I use pillow stuff, fabric, felt, etc to make it instead flour, eggs, sugar, etc. Hehehe ^_^.
I still working on those. Those dummyfoods are pincushion. Cute isn't it? Well, it will available some days again. Wait for it, okay? ^_^

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