Rabu, 07 Maret 2018

Simple Fabric Flowers for Mom

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Lately I am pretty busy with my work. It makes me lack some mood to crafting. I do not have much energy left when I got home from work. But today I decide to make some simple brooches for mom. I already those fabric flowers when I lack some idea then my mom wants it as simple brooches. So here I am, making those into brooches
Actually I make 22 of them but just take photo of 5. Each has different colour. So she can use it whatever colours of clothes that she wear. May be 22 is a lot, but I don't care. She can give it for her friend if she doesn't like some colours.
Alright, I should learn about 2 things before I go to work tomorrow. Yes, being a public health means we should learn everything everyday. Okay, see yaa!!!

Jumat, 23 Februari 2018

My Sunflowers

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Look at my sunflowers!!!
Aren't they beautiful???
Well, lately for some past month I grow some sunflower with my parent's help. Because I couldn't do it alone and have no experience on it. I really love sunflower and bought it's seed last December (2016). I try to plant it for some times but always failed. Then, I tried once more with my parent's help. Finally, it growing!!! I was so happy. But as you can see, my sunflowers aren't perfect. Some of it were short, has pest so it growing abnormal, the leaves some broken being eaten by grasshopper, etc. Well, this is our first time taking care some sunflowers. We have plan to grow some more on our yard.

Oh ya, the lesson that I learn from these cute sunflowers was some of it suffered a lot (eaten by pest and grasshopper) but it still blooming into beautiful flowers. So, we should do like those sunflowers too. We shouldn't give up!

Sabtu, 10 Februari 2018

Tutorial Membuat Kotak Pensil Cantik dari Stik Es Krim

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Hai, selamat siang di hari Minggu yang cerah! ^o^
Sudah lama saya tidak menulis tutorial kerajinan tangan. Kali ini saya mau membagikan cara membuat kotak pensil serbaguna (karena saya juga menggunakannya untuk tempat kuas make up) yang terbuat dari stik es krim. Masih ingatkah dengan karya saya ini?
Mari saya bagikan cara membuatnya. Silakan menyimak!
Tahap pertama, sediakan bahan-bahan yang diperlukan, yaitu stik es krim, gunting, lem tembak, kuas, cat akrilik, pulpen, spidol besar, cutting mat, dan kertas (untuk alas saat mencat, gunakan saja kertas bekas atau koran yang sudah tidak terpakai).


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I just got exhausted lately. People keep giving works to do. Actually I should given a 'help' to do my work as goverment worker, but unfortunately, it was actually a burden. They convinced me its was a float but I believe it was an anchor. I almost drowned! Because until today, I still don't know what it was.
Ah, I just want to throw it to trash can. But, I'm not allowed to do it.
By the way, I learn to use my new pentab. Yes, I bought Intuos Draw last month and still learn how to use it properly. I'm still not good with it, I need to learn more to handle the pen. This is the doodle that I made. What do you think?

Sabtu, 20 Januari 2018

Welcome 2018!

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Hello, happy Sunday, everyone! ^o^
It's 2018 now and I didn't post many things in 2017. Well, I was pretty busy since last month to do my year end works. Even in early 2018 I work so much, did many things for my work. I almost had meetings everyday, yes everyday! But then, i was finally end last Thursday. That's way I can enjoy my weekend! ^o^
I just want to enjoy my weekend staying at home doing handmade. Well, if I go out, I'm afraid I'll go shopping again. Ah, I already spent so much this month! I need to save money. Well, I think I want make something again, well, see you next time and enjoy your holiday!

Senin, 25 Desember 2017

Frastating Things about Crafting

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Happy holiday, everyone!!!
I spent my holiday crafting at home. Why? Because I do not doing it for a long time and actually if I go out shopping, I will spent my money then I can't pay something that I should pay. Yeah, sometime, being adult is suck! But, I really miss the happiness while I making pretty things.
Lately (okay, it is not lately, but for about 2 years), I got frustated. Sometime, I can't enjoy the happiness while crafting. I get tired easily, (because my other work too actually, it consume my energy too much) so I can't make those pretty things regularly. Beside that, the thing that ruined my mood is when people ask my work for free. They can become pushy. I do not know what they think! In my opinion, "If you ask free things from a crafter for their handmade/work, then you're being rude! You do not appreciate their hard work". It frustated me so much! I afraid to show the world my work/handmade because I got paranoid some people will take it just like that! My craft bussiness was't doing well, it already bankrupt. I loss my products and no money come to me. It is so pathetic, isn't it? Well, I know you maybe will suggest me to not doing bussiness with those annoying people, but trust me, they can be so pushy! One time, I said "Just make it by yourself", do you know their answer? "You're the one who have the tools and stuffs". Well, they know it is need money to buy stuffs, but they still want it for free. Annoying? Absolutely! Another time, someone asked me to make something for them, then I answered "Just buy it there. I also bought it from there". I know the signal, they want me to do something for them and for free. But I tired already!
I really need a help! I really need to stop those negative thinking! I want to do crafting without a doubt anymore!

Sabtu, 16 Desember 2017

Cute Pastel Boxes

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Hello! It's December already!
This time I take my time to make some cute pastel boxes made from popcycle sticks. I like popcycle sticks because it was easy to use and quite strong to hold small things. I only use scissor to cut it and glue it with glue gun. I was use cutting mat to measure those sticks, because I was too lazy to use ruler and it was easier to compile it.
I use acrylic paint and a simple marker to decorate it. Pretty simple, isn't it? And I love the result!

Kamis, 12 Oktober 2017

Pretty Brooches

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Hi everyone! I just finished my newest brooches, I will name it "Idaha 3" because I just the same pattern for the flower with Idaha 2. I love these colours. It were soft and pretty! Ah yeah, for the background I use embossed gift paper. It was so pretty!
Actually in real life, I have lots of problem, and sometime I just want to avoid it and calm myself. So I do crafting because I can make something pretty and it makes me happy. ^_^
What abour you?

Senin, 11 September 2017

Cute Keychains

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Well, I just bored so I want to upload some of my works. Actually right now I'm working on new keychains but it doesn't done yet, so maybe I will upload it later. Right now, just enjoy my previous works~ :)

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