Minggu, 31 Agustus 2014

Have Fun and Craft On!

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Happy Sunday, everyone! ^o^
Yesterday, when I was home, after I went to craft shop to bought some craft stuff, my friend sent a LINE chat to me. She asked me to accompany her to craft shop to buy yarn. She want make something with Broomstick pattern. She very excited after I sent her some photos about how I learn to crochet, learn broomstick, a book of crochet, etc. Yeah, I bought a hakken or hakpen (crochet needle) some weeks ago without knowing how to crochet. That friend of mine, her name is Martha, is know how to do crochet. She interested with cotton yarn that I used. I use three colours cotton yarn. So she also wants buy same kind of yarn. So, we went to a craft shop at Banjarbaru. There are lots of cute colours of cotton yarn, like warm ivory and yellow, soft orange and orange, deep green and olive, baby pink and pink, white and brown. I like those colours combination, but Martha doesn’t want it. She looking for a three colours cotton yarn. Fortunately, she got one, the last one actually. It’s colours are very similar to mine (the yarn that I used when I learn how to do crochet). She also bought other yarn and a new needle. But, she didn’t satisfied. Then we went to another craft shop at Martapura. She bought felts, beads, pins, etc. The last destination was my home. She want to read my crochet book and make something (actually she also wants to make a necklace from beads and glass). After we’re in my home, she sent messages via BBM to my other friend who’re pregnant for 4 months, Erika, to invited her to join us doing craft.
I think Erika has baby boy because she doesn’t want to put make up on her face. Usually, she will not go out without manage her eyebrow (because she is already married). Unfortunately, Erika go home earlier because she was pick up by her husband.
But before that, I show them my needle book (I wrote about this weeks ago). They want it too. I said I will help them to make it, just choose which colours of felt that they want. Of course Martha choose yellow (her favorite colour), and olive (my suggestion). Erika choose red and dark green almost black felt. I help them to sew the needle book, Martha makes flowers and leaves, and Erika take a rest because of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, Erika’s husband came before we finish the needle book. So, Martha is the one who  bring it to her home last night, of course after we finished it.
This is Martha with her creation.
It was so fun! Crafting with friends is really fun! ^o^

Rabu, 27 Agustus 2014

Bellflowers and Sweet Blossoms Brooches

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Good Morning, everyone!!! ^o^
Finally, I write over here again after a week. No, I’m not busy, just my notebook used by my little brother. Hehehe… :p
Alright, I have some new cute brooches for my online shop. When I doing the albums there, I checked which ones of my products that still available and sold out. I look a photo of a bellflowers brooches with soft colours (baby blue, pink, and tosca). But unfortunately, that brooches already sold out, so I think why not I make it again? Then, I make some new bellflowers brooches. I make some differences between the old one and the new one. I still use 3 different colours for each flower in a brooch. I put some gold beads below to add some glamour effect.
I also make other cute brooches. This is similar to my previous brooch that I called as Winter Breeze Blossom. I like that brooch, so I think why not I make in different colours? This time I use pink, white, ivory, and khaki. I love the result, what about you?
They’re available on my online shop, just looking for keyword Imero Hemo or press the logo on this blog, you can directly go to my online shop.

Alright, I need to do something. So, see you in next project! ^o^

Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014

Bros Gratis!!!

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Selamat pagi!!! ^o^
Saya iseng nih mengadakan give away, sebuah bros manis dengan nuansa kemerdekaan. Caranya sederhana sekali, cukup like fanpage “Imero Hemo” kemudian jawab pertanyaannya. Pertanyaannya adalah “Apakah nama bunga yang disukai oleh Imero Hemo???”.
Petunjuknya adalah salah satu bagian bunga tersebut suka dimakan oleh hewan yang ada di logo Imero Hemo.

Ikut yuk!!! Semoga Beruntung!!!

Sweet Brooches

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Hello, good morning, everyone!!! ^o^
Today I will write about my latest brooches. Actually I make those about a week ago, but do not have opportunity to write about it here.
You know, I’m not fan of blue (colour), so I seldom make fabric flower with blue fabric. I also do not have much of blue fabric. But, when I make a blue one, it sold quicker than other colours. Then, I though, why not I make a big brooch with this colour. Beside blue, I also use white. I called it as “Winter Breeze Blossom” because this fabric brooch has cold colours (white and blue). Yeah, eventhough I do not like blue, but I must say this brooch is very pretty.
I also make other fabric brooches, but it smaller than “Winter Breeze Blossom”. I use gold beads here so it look glamour.

If you interested with my fabric brooches, you can visit me on my fanpage “Imero Hemo”. Alright, see you next time! ^o^

Selasa, 12 Agustus 2014

Fabric Flower Brooches

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Hello, good afternoon everyone!!! Yeah, it’s rare for me to write at afternoon. Hehehe :p
Alright, today I finshing my newest fabric flower brooches. Look at them! I just playing around on pinterest yesterday and found a DIY how to make this kind of petal. The kind of petal that usually used by kanzashi artisan/crafter as leaves with Morning Glory flower or Asagao. I was curious and want to try it because I never make it. And it works! I like it. But I do not make it as leaves but as flower petals. I make it in 6 different colours. It available at my online shop.

Alright, see you in next project! ^_^

Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

Needle Book

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Good evening, everyone!
Finally, I made it! Actually I need this needle book since long ago but just this time I can make it. I make it from felt. Alright, needle book that I made not for my needles. Yeah, you’re not wrong while reading my previous sentence. I do not use my needle book for my needles, but for my pins.
Like I wrote before, I need this needle book since long time ago, especially when I do traveling. I use hijab when I go out and I need some small pins to make my hijab so it looks good. So, when I have sleep over or traveling and take off my hijab (when I want to Shalat or sleep), I need place to put my small pins. Of course, sometimes I lost my small pins, so I need backup. I also need some hair rubbers as backup if I lost my hair tie. So, in this needle book, I make a pocket to put my hair rubbers.
In the end, I make this needle book suitable for my needs.
Yeah, I’m ready to go out! See you next time! ^o^

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