Rabu, 26 September 2012

Keychain : Lovely Conversation

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Okay, kali ini update untuk Imero Hemo lagi ya?! Perkenalkan ini adalah sebuah gantungan kunci yang terbuat dari kain flannel yang telah disulam dengan benang wol. Bentuk sulam yang dihasilkan adalah dua buah mug kopi, vas bunga, dan meja. Pada bagian belakang terdapat tulisan Lovely conversation. Sulaman tulisan ini sesuai dengan gambar pada bagian depannya yang mana menggambarkan percakapan hangat sambil minum kopi.
Jika tertarik silakan kunjungi FanPage Imero Hemo di http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200

Imero Hemo : Wedding Souvenir

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Update! Mau update untuk Imero Hemo lagi nih! Kali ini untuk wedding souvenir.
Kupu-kupu flannel yang dapat dibuat menjadi bros atau hiasan kulkas. Ukuran sekitar 4,cm x 5cm. Jika dijadikan bros maka akan ditenpel peniti di bagian belakang, harga Rp 2.200,-. Sedangkan jika ingin dijadikan hiasan kulkas maka akan ditempel magnet di bagian belakang, harga Rp 2.000,- .

Selasa, 25 September 2012

Colourful Butterfly From Felt

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Hello everyone, meet my colourful butterfly! ^o^
Okay, today I make this colorful butterfly from felt. Actually I just make some, but my father says that it nice then I make more. Now, I have 13 colorful butterly. The colour combination of each butterfly is different with other. I also make this as fridge magnets.
Alright, alright, I know I make lots of fridge magnets lately. Yeah, you know, I love to make something new. That’s why. Hehehe… ^_^

Sweet Lollipop Made by Yarn

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Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! ^o^
Finally, I can make some fridge magnet by yarn. I make some sweet lollipop with soft colour yarns. Its very easy to make, just need wol yarn, felt, ribbon, glue and magnet. Like you know, I love ribbon, so I make some bows from gold ribbon. Then, just glue all stuff. Finish! Actually the real one is very sweet. May be something is wrong with my phone camera so I can’t take good picture. Ugh, I hope one day I can buy a camera… ^_^

Senin, 24 September 2012

Cute Crafty Things

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Alright, happy Monday!
Okay, today I make these cute things. Actually I don’t know what I make these craft for. I just want to make it then I make. I just think it will be cute. I use the colourful gift paper and I glue the icon of Imero Hemo in front of that. I also use gold ribbon as accessories. May be I will save them until I know what I can do to them. But, I still think these crafty things is very cute. Hehehe… ^_^

Minggu, 23 September 2012

Black Ribbon Brooch

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Hello, happy Monday!
This morning I make this cute brooch from ribbon. Yeah, you know I really love ribbon! So, I make this new brooch. Actually I want make one with warm colours, but in the end I make with cold colours. I use black polkadot ribbon in the back and silver ribbon in front. Oh yeah, I use a bead too, pink one. I think its cute. ^_^

Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Handmade Notes

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Happy Sunday, everyone!!! ^o^
Today I make some notes from unused papers that I have. Yeah, handmade notes. Its very easy to make and I can use the unused papers. You know, I love paper, so sometime I love to buy unimportant paper. Sometimes I buy paper just to collect it, and if I do not buy it, I feel something is wrong and I can’t sleep well. I know, its weird but I have no problem with that. Hahaha… ^o^

Felt Cake as Fridge Magnet

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Hello, happy Sunday! ^o^
Okay, this is felt cakes as fridge magnet accessories. Actually my father wants I make this accessories made by yarn, colourful yarn, but I made it from felt. Alright, next time I will make fridge magnet from yarn.
This is the first time I make felt cake by cut and glue the layer. I wrong to combine the colours, so its looks ridiculous.I think its weird, so I won’t make this kind of felt cakes anymore.

Sabtu, 15 September 2012

My Lovely Patchwork Cushion

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Oh My God! Finally, I can make some patchwork cushions! Thanks God! ^o^
Yeah, you know I really love patchwork but I do not expert on it. So, I learn how to sew some fabrics to make a sweet patchwork. And today, I finish my patchwork cushions. Actually I made one of them long time ago but I don’t finish it yet until today. But, because of my father say that he will buy the inside of cushion ( I call it dakron or silicon), I’m very excited and finish it this morning. And yes, finally all of them is finish! I’m so happy! ^o^

Ro's New Cub

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Hello, everyone! ^o^
Today, I want you to meet my two new hamsters. They’re born at august 28th 2012. They’re Roreta’s cub. Actually Ro gave birth to three cubs, but one died. Both of her cubs is black and white like a panda. I don’t know if they’re male or female, so I don’t give them names yet. May be later. By the way, I'm very sad, my cute lovely fat Ro is very thin now. Thats because her duty as mom that need to feed her children. I hope she can be fat again ( she looks sick with her thin body).

Crafting Girls

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Hello, happy Saturday!!! ^o^
Now, I want to tell you about yesterday event that I joined. Do you read my previous post? Alright, its about ice cream felt keychain. Yeah, this event that I mean I make that keychain for. This event joined by some nice girls, they’re my junior after all. Actually I teach them how to make a FD case too. They’re excited when I show them the FD case wafer and keychain ice cream felt. May be, they don’t know what will they make before.

Ice Cream Felt Keychain

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Happy Saturday, everyone!!! ^o^
Okay, today I’ll post my newest felt creation. I call it as ice cream felt. It’s a keychain. Yeah, its unusual for me to make a keychain from pure felt. I mean, I only use felt, without cotton fabric or yarn like I usually do. There’s a reason for it.
On Tuesday morning, my junior sent me a message and ask for help. She need someone who can teach how to make craft from felt. She need that someone for her organization event. Then I said yes. I think I can teach them how to make a FD case from felt because I’m expert to make it and I think they’re student like me who have FD’s then they can use that FD case for theirself. But, my junior said that she wants a keychain. So, in Tuesday night, I try to make this ice cream felt. Its very easy to make actually. So, you can try to make it too! Happy crafting !!! ^o^

Senin, 10 September 2012

Imero Hemo : FD Case Wafer

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Siang!!! ^o^
Okay, aku upload lagi ya untuk Imero Hemo. Kali ini ada 3 buah FD case berbentuk wafer. Masing-masing wafer ini memiliki selai yang berbeda, yaitu pisang, blueberry, dan stroberi sesuai dengan warna kain flannel yang dipergunakan. Yuks, lihat detailnya!
FD case wafer selai pisang
FD case wafer selai blueberry
FD case wafer selai stroberi
Harga FD Case Flanel yaitu Rp 7.000,00.
Silakan kunjungi FanPage Imero Hemo di http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200 yaa…!!!^o^

Imero Hemo : Gantungan Kunci Boneka Flanel

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Hello, selamat siang! ^o^
Sudah lama ya aku tidak buat sesuatu untuk Imero Hemo, jadi kali ini aku membuat sebuah gantungan kunci berbentuk boneka flannel. Selain menggunakan kain flanel, aku juga menggunakan kain katun dengan motif kupu-kupu. Semua bernuansa orange yang cerah!

Silakan kunjungi FanPage Imero Hemo di http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200 yaa!! ^o^

Jumat, 07 September 2012

Papercraft : Bathroom

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Well, long time no see. I was out of town last week, and when I was home, I got sick. Oh, I feel so bad. Actually I’m not really health now. Sometimes my stomach is so hurt. But I hope I can get well soon.
Alright, today I want to upload about my newest papercraft. This is the Bathroom Papercraft. You know, I always miss my bathroom at home when I’m out of town or go to somewhere for days. And this bathroom papercraft is so cute. Cute because I really like yellow and bathroom itself. I feel nice if I take a bath in my own bathroom.
In this papercraft, I arrange the furniture differently with the original one. Okay, enjoy the pictures! ^o^


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