Senin, 15 April 2013

Training OHSAS and Meet Friends

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Hello, hello, hello!!! ^_^
This weekend I wasn’t make anything because I’m rather busy with my training. I meet my friends and I’m so happy because we can’t meet each other after we graduated (end of February 2013). I’m happy to come and learn again like when I’m still in college.
Our training is about ISO 18001, Occuaptional Health and Safety Assasment Series. Fortunately, last year I studied at a corporation, and this training is very usefull. As if this training is happen last year, it will more usefull (before I study at that corporation).
Yeah, this are the souvenirs after I joint that training.
And this is me and my friends photo when break time.
Afternoon after training, we have a party on a restaurant. My friend, Eci, treats for all of us. Thank you girl! ^_^
Saturday, we say hello each other. And then, Monday, we say good bye.
See you next time guys! ^_^

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