Minggu, 27 Juli 2014

Eid Mubarak!!!

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Eid Mubarak, everyone!!! ^o^
Without we realize, Ramadhan will leave us soon and if we’re lucky enough, we’ll meet it next year. Amin!

Alright, actually it not Ied Day yet, but let me say “Selamat Idul Fitri, mohon maaf lahir dan batin”. Please, forgive all my mistakes. J

Jumat, 18 Juli 2014

Learning Tsumami Zaiku

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Yay, finally I make it! ^o^
Well, hello, good dawn (because its not morning yet, hehehe). Okay, this dawn while I waiting for Praying Subuh, I will write about my latest craft project. I was learning how to make tusmami zaiku or kanzashi. I’ve bought a book about tsumami kanzashi. The seller told me that the title of that book was Tsumami Zaiku but on internet it says Kanzashi and Modern Corsage. I don’t know which one is right since I don’t understand Japanese. Yeah, I bought an import book. It’s rather expensive for me but it worth it. The book is very beautiful.
I learn the simple one. Even for the simple one, I did lots of mistakes (trial and error) until I make the good one (I think its good enough). Its really tiring and need so much glue but I am happy doing this. The result is very pretty and small. The small size make it cute. But yeah, I could make it very small like the book. On the book, the smallest size is 1cm x 1 cm, and the smallest that I can do is 2cm x 2cm on certain fabric. I use soft shirt fabric. I didn’t make it with chirimen yet because that beautiful fabric is still expensive for me. Hope one day I can buy it. hehehe… ^o^
Oh yeah, I make 12 colours of that simple kanzashi. You can check it on my Online Shop : Imero Hemo on fanpage facebook.
Alright, I need to go. See you next time! ^o^

Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

Log Pincushions

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Hello, good morning! ^o^
Actually its not morning yet (05.30 a.m), hehehe ^_^

Okay, look at this cutie, what do you think it is? Yeah, right, pincushions! My old pincushions (the big round one and the cactus) getting dirty, so I think to make new pincushions. So I looking for ideas. I found a picture of a tree log with mushroom. I think its very cute ideas, so I make a pincushions with that idea. I make it from felt but without the mushroom (because I was in lazy mood). But I think my log pincushion just look like a rollcake, Hahaha ^_^

Cute Keychains

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Hello, night everyone! ^o^
Yeah, finally I have time to blogging! Okay, lately I was busy making craft things for my online shop, so I do not have time to write over here. Actually its 11.08 p.m now but I do not sleepy because I drank ice cappuccino an hour ago. Hehehe… ^_^
Okay, tonight I will write about my newest keychains. Why keychains? Because I have the mood to make it. I make 3 kinds of keychains, first was cute kokeshi dolls. If you like read my blog or follow my blog, you would found that I make this kokeshi dolls before. But this time I make it with straight hair and more simple clothes. I do not make ribbon from felt for the back. But the size is same. I make it in 8 colours.
Second was ice cream cone. I don’t know, I just got the idea to make this, then I did it. As simple as that. But, if you follow my blog from about two years ago, you would found I ever make this kind of ice cream cone keychains, but this time I make it smaller.
The last one was girl’s head. I just in the mood to make it. Hehehe… ^_^
Alright, those keychains made from felt, yarn, wool, dacron, etc. They’re available on my online shop on facebook. Please kindly visit my fanpage facebook called “Imero Hemo”.

Okay, see you next time! ^o^

Kamis, 03 Juli 2014

Ribbon Flower

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Hello! ^o^
Alright, long time I do not make flower from ribbon. So, yesterday, I played with my tab searching something fun on youtube. I found a tutorial how to make this cute and small flower from ribbon. I think it wouldn't hurt to try to make this flower. So I did it.
Lately I love to use lace and small beads on my flower brooches, so I also put some lace and beads on this ribbon flower. It can used as brooch.
Ups, sorry, I'm in lazy mood to re-edit the picture, so I use the photo from my Online Shop. Hehehe

Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

Storage Box

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I got bored with my messy pen boxes. Yeah, me and my family use some brands of pen. So, in my cupboard there are some different brand of pen boxes. Each boxes contain about 2 until 5 pens (because we already use it). So, I think why not I make a simple storage box for my pens, pencils, spidols, and glue. Yeah, glue for my glue gun so I can reach it quickly. So after I got home from mosque (after Taraweh), I make this simple storage box from card board.

I was in the mood to use purple so I use purple gift paper from Sinar Dunia. The thing that I like from this gift paper were it glossy so I can wipe it if it got dirty and its cheaper than other brand of gift paper. For inside, I use white white F4 paper from Mirrage. And, for glue, I use white glue from Fox.

Paper Box

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Finally I make it!
Yeah, very simple box for my things. Actually I make this last Saturday, but just have time to write about it tonight.
I make it from cardboard and like usual, I use gift paper from Sansan Wawa for the pink roses, but I other brand for the red one (I’m sorry I forgot the brand).

Alright, take a look to my simple box.

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