Kamis, 27 Februari 2014

7 DIY Projects

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Almost a week I do not write here and now I’ here with 7 DIY projects. Hehehe… ^_^
Yeah, I make some tutorials how to make some crafts, from sleep mask to phone pouch. Almost of it were from felt. I choose felt because it (the stuff) was easy to get and not too expensive. Everyone can buy it.
Alright, my first tutorial was this cute fox sleep mask. I just got inspirated by my lil bro’s request (you can read my previous blog post). So I think, why not I make a tutorial how to make a sleep mask from felt. I also put pattern (this cute fox sleep mask pattern) in this tutorial.
Second, pompom flower. Yeah, I love fabric flower because it is pretty. I make this from sateen fabric. I love this olive colour.
Third, I make matryoshka felt doll. It was really fun when I make this felt doll. I love the warm felt colour that I use in this matryoshka felt doll. I also put pattern in this tutorial.
Fourth, I make a cute doughnut felt doll with cute face on it. In this tutorial, I write about how I usually make pattern for my felt craft project (especially for this doughnut).
Fifth, I make tutorial about how to make this fluffy felt flowers. I adopted kanzashi technique to make this, but in easy way.
Sixth, I make this cute cat phone pouch. I like the cat face with it’s cute mouth. I also put pattern in this tutorial.
The last one is hat pincushion tutorial. Actually I make this tutorial about 2 or 3 months ago but not upload it yet. I think it the right time to use it.
Alright, you can find my tutorials on my online shop in facebook (fanpage) named Imero Hemo.
Well, see you next time! ^o^

Jumat, 21 Februari 2014

Panda Sleep Mask

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Yesterday my little brother said to me that he wants a sleep mask. First, I’m afraid if I make a sleep mask for him then he will be more difficult to wake up (he already difficult to wake up). But yeah, in the end I make what he wants.
This is the sleep mask that I was talking abaout. A cute panda sleep mask. I just give it to my brother and he laugh when receive it. Haha… ^o^

Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

Pompom Flowers

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I make pompom flowers again! Yay! ^o^
I make 3 pompom flower, that one of it was sweet purple and pink flowers. I combine those colours because I think it’s pretty. I also use fall and some beads to make it more pretty. For the flower I use sateen fabric, but for falls, I use shirt fabric.
And for the other two, I make those as simple pompom flowers. The orange one I make from half silk fabric (the seller call it like that. The fabric is very soft and thin), and for the gray one, I use sateen that has lines on it.
They’re available on my OS. Hehehe… ^_^

Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

Wedding Doll Keychains

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Finally, I upload it! ^o^
Well, this is a couple of doll keychains and the house as holder that I made for a friend who got married yesterday. Yeah, this is my wedding gift for her and her husband. Pretty simple, I know. I made those dolls from felt.

Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014

Cute Felt Wafer Keychains

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Good rainy Sunday morning! ^o^
Long time I do not make food miniature from felt. So, I decide to make it again. This time I make some cute felt wafers as keychain. I it with different colours as the wafers. The soft one I call as caramel, and the dark one I call as latte. For the inside, I use 3 colours to represent 3 flavour, that is yellow as banana, hot pink as strawberry, and purple as grape.
They’re available at my online shop. Hehehe… ^_^

Fabric Mouthmask

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I make these very simple fabric mouthmasks for something and I take the photo just as memento. Hehehe… :p

Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Doodle : Online Shop Logo

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Wow, this is the first time I accept a doodle order. Actually this is my friends request. They ask me to draw a logo for their online shop. I said that I can’t make a logo woth computer because I don’t have enough knowledge for it. I even recommended a real illustrator (who can make illustation related with handmade and craft) that they can find on IndonesiaCraftyBlog. I just visited that blog that time.
But my friends said that it is okay if it is a handdraw doodle on paper. They said that they can scan it. So, I accept their request. The design is very simple. Just big letter of AL and their online shop name, AnnisaLia Shop.
So this is it!
I draw it on sketchbook then copy it on my printer. Then I colouring it with crayon. If I’m not wrong (the last time I visit their twiiter account), they use the coloured one.
Actually I also make another logo than more simple than the previous one. I give both of those doodle to them, so its up to them to use which one they want.
I hope they like it and their busines will success (my business too). Amin!!! ^o^

Senin, 10 Februari 2014

Strawberry Felt Cake Tissue Box

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Good afternoon, a week I do not here, do you miss me? Hehehe
Alright, I was a little busy this week so I do not have time to make new craft project and write here. Today I will upload my new (finished) tissue box. Actually I make this tissue box since months ago, I do not remember. I make the box from card box. Yeah, recycle. Maybe a month later, I cover it with felt (latte colour), then cover it with brown felt. Months passed, I cover the small side. A month later, I glue the white felt on top of it. Months later, exactly yesterday, I make strawberries, grapes, cream puff, and stick, and cut the leaves. Then this morning I glue that’s all on the tissue box. Then, finally it finish!
Wow, a long time just to make a felt cake tissue box! I lost my mood when I make it in the first time, so, I was not interested to finish it. But then, lately, my board on pinterest, that about tissue box and door stopper that I decorate with felt, gains some new followers. I feel bad because I don’t update it for a long time. So, I decided to finish my abandoned felt cake tissue box. Then, finally I can update that board of mine on pinterest. Hehehe…
Oh yeah, I want to thank to everyone who follow me on pinterest. Alright, see you next time! ^o^

Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

Sasirangan Pouch

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Another simple pouch. It looks like I’m not satisfied just make 1 simple pouch (my previous blogpost), then I make another one. But this time I make it from Sasirangan fabric. Sasirangan fabric is traditional fabric from South Kalimantan. Usually it made by cotton fabric, half silk, and silk. The sasirangan fabric I use to make this simple pouch is half silk fabric. If you see the picture carefully, then you will find the fabric itself has flower pattern. The half silk fabric before dyed to be sasirangan usually has pattern on it, such as flower and leaves. I love use half silk sasirangan because its not too soft like silk but not to stiff, and of course not as expensive as silk, hahaha.

Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

My Rambling in Sunday and Cute Simple Pouch

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Good Sunday morning!!! ^o^
How odd! A sweet romance scene on this Kamen Rider or I’m the one who think this is odd? Ups, sorry, I just turn on my tv while I start writing this blogpost on my bed then watch the tokusatsu that aired. When I child, I think Sunday is happy day and children day. Because in Sunday lots of anime aired on every national channel, and its start from about 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. (from breakfast to lunch). I usually confused to choose which one to watch. I remember when I and my brothers fight to watch One Piece or Inuyasha, because they aired in same time but different channel. That time, we just have one tv in our home. Then, when my brothers go to somewhere or there is no anime they’re interested in, then I will switch channel to watch girly anime such as Tokyo Mew-Mew, Cardcaptor Sakura, Do Re Mi (I forget the tittle, but the story about 3 little witch girls that have little fairy named Dodo, Rere, and Mimi), and many more. But nowadays, there are just some anime, old Disney cartoons, and Nickelodeon cartoons that for toddler. Yeah, toddler!!! Worse, its just about 3-4 hours ,it will stop about 10 a.m. (ah yeah, I use Indonesian middle time ). How poor kids nowadays! They need to find anime that suitable for theirs taste by theirself.

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