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Wedding Doll Keychains

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Finally, I upload it! ^o^
Well, this is a couple of doll keychains and the house as holder that I made for a friend who got married yesterday. Yeah, this is my wedding gift for her and her husband. Pretty simple, I know. I made those dolls from felt.

Actually I made this dolls about 3 weeks ago, but I do not upload it because the party (my friend’s wedding) not begin yet. That friend of mine is a friend from college. Actually I’m not her bestfriend but since she invites me to her wedding, then I think it wouldn’t hurt if I make something for her. She was a shy person and has soft voice when she talks. We’re in good term but we didn’t talk much. So, I do not know what her favorite colour. But the dolls that I made, the groom use dark blue suit and the bride use baby blue dress. I hope she likes blue. I forget why that time I did’t use black and white wedding dress. Hehehe… :p
I make a mini house from felt as those keychains holder. I use velcro to stick the keychains on the holder.
And this is my gift box. I make the box from sketchbook paper. Then covering it with flowery gift paper. On top, I glue a pink chrysanthemum kanzashi as gift topper and pink ribbon.
I hope she and her husband like the gift. Thank you for inviting me! Yeah, eventhough I can’t come to their wedding ( I sent the gift with my friend who went there). Last, happy wedding my friend!!! ^o^

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