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7 DIY Projects

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Almost a week I do not write here and now I’ here with 7 DIY projects. Hehehe… ^_^
Yeah, I make some tutorials how to make some crafts, from sleep mask to phone pouch. Almost of it were from felt. I choose felt because it (the stuff) was easy to get and not too expensive. Everyone can buy it.
Alright, my first tutorial was this cute fox sleep mask. I just got inspirated by my lil bro’s request (you can read my previous blog post). So I think, why not I make a tutorial how to make a sleep mask from felt. I also put pattern (this cute fox sleep mask pattern) in this tutorial.
Second, pompom flower. Yeah, I love fabric flower because it is pretty. I make this from sateen fabric. I love this olive colour.
Third, I make matryoshka felt doll. It was really fun when I make this felt doll. I love the warm felt colour that I use in this matryoshka felt doll. I also put pattern in this tutorial.
Fourth, I make a cute doughnut felt doll with cute face on it. In this tutorial, I write about how I usually make pattern for my felt craft project (especially for this doughnut).
Fifth, I make tutorial about how to make this fluffy felt flowers. I adopted kanzashi technique to make this, but in easy way.
Sixth, I make this cute cat phone pouch. I like the cat face with it’s cute mouth. I also put pattern in this tutorial.
The last one is hat pincushion tutorial. Actually I make this tutorial about 2 or 3 months ago but not upload it yet. I think it the right time to use it.
Alright, you can find my tutorials on my online shop in facebook (fanpage) named Imero Hemo.
Well, see you next time! ^o^

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