Minggu, 25 November 2012

Cute Cat Plushie

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Happy Sunday everyone!!!
Because of this craft porject bring sweet yet sour memories to me, so I deleted stroy behind this cute cat plushies. ^_^
Okay, this pattern is not mine. I got it from Amy Butler. I choose this pattern because I think this is cute and I have  the cat pattern fabric. But, I modified the face pattern. Because I love Japanese anime, so I make cute face for the cat plushie with shining eyes, pink blushes, and cute mouth.
Its very easy to make actually, just download the pattern for Amy Butler (its free pattern), then print it on some papers, cut according the pattens then draw it on cotton fabric. After that, sew the face. I made the face from felt fabric. Then, hand sewing the cotton fabric so it shouldn’t shift, after that sewing it with sewing machine. Fill the silicon or dacron. And finish!
Actually this goodie bags are not finished yet, because I don’t wrap it yet. Oh of course I will make cute package too. So, wait for the next post, okay?

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