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Pajama For Toddler

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Look at these pajamas! Aren’t they cute?
Yeah, yeah, the one who making it is not me. Yeah, not me, but my mom. Last month when I and my mom visit my big brother and his little family in Sungai Danau (he works there), we brought 2 little pajamas for my little nephew. I was the one who bought the fabric. It were soft yellow with giraffes and bees pattern and orange with sheeps pattern. I forget to take picture of it. But according to me, its predictable that the one who bought it was me, because I love bright colours, especially yellow. But I also love the orange one, because it was bright and looks really good with sheeps and trees. But unfortunately, my little nephew did not wear it during our visit. But according to my brother, he said that the orange one looks really good when his son use it. My little nephew not 2 years old yet, but he has very healthy body and very clever.
My sister in law asked my mom if she could sew  some pillow cases for my little nephew. Yeah, you know, pillows for toddler are small, but bigger that baby’s pillow. Actually the one who sew and make the pillows was my mom, using my fabric collection and dacron. My sister in law said that her son love the pillow case that has cat patterns then ask for another funny and cute pattern for her request. So last Sunday, my mom and me went to fabric shop near our home then bought some cute cotton fabrics. Because my big bro asked for more pajama for his son, so my mom bought 3 different pattern and colours. I must say, the fabric that my mom choose were pretty cute (with my help of course. I was the one who choose some fabrics for 1 colour then she choose the best of each colours). She just need 2-3 days to finish these pajamas. She also make a short with purple fabric to my sister in law, so my sister in law has something same with her son. My mother sew the green fabric to make some pillow cases then she sew another pajama with the leftover fabric. I was kidding to my mom, I said if my little nephew sleep while wear the green pajama, he will camouflage with his pillows.

Alright, I need to do house chores now. See you next time on my new project! J

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