Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012

Yellow Felt Cakes

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Good morning and happy Sunday!!! ^o^
I’m very confuse, when I must go back to there where I do my study (out of town). Today or tomorrow? Ugh… :-s
Okay, forget that, I will posting  my cute tissue boxes. I made a yellow felt cake. Why yellow? Of course because its my favorite colour! I make lots of strawberries from felt to make my felt cakes unique. And my mom loves it.  Two weeks after I made that, my mom try to make same felt cake. She made it for her tissue box in her office. But. She said that its not as good as mine. Then, I make a new felt cake. But I don’t make lots of strawberries for top of cake, but I just use beads.
Okay, if you like my crafty things, you can follow my blog… ^_^

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