Kamis, 24 April 2014

A Happy Friday

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Well, this month I’m a little busy. That’s why I can’t write here very often. Fortunately today I have time to write. I will write about my craft projects this week.
First, cute girl keychains. Actually I was made it one before, but then my costumer asked for more. So I make more of it. before I send them to my costumer, I took a picture of them together and I think they’re very cute.
Second, Anemone Flower Fabric as brooches. Actually since long time ago I want make an anemone fabric flower but I do not have time. So, yesterday (Wednesday exactly), I spent entire day while watching tv to make these cute anemone fabric flowers. I do not know the meaning of this flower (Anemone). Some people said it means forsaken and other said unfading love. But whatever the meaning, I fallen for this beautiful flower.
Third, girl head keychains. Actually this is a request from my costumer. She asked for a girld head from felt. She sent the picture but I really do not like the example that she sent. That’s not my style, so I said to her that I will make her request with my style. So this is it.

Alright, I need to refresh my brain. I want looking for inspiration then work on my costumer request. So, see you next time and enjoy your Friday!

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