Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

Kanzashi Hairclip

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Hello, happy Tuesday night! By the way, today is so hot! I was sweaty almost all day if I don’t turn on my fan. Hihihi… ^_^
Alright, today I will upload my new kanzashi flowers that I make as hairclip (the plan is like that, but I don’t adjust the hairclip behind the kanzashi flowers yet). I use pale tosca fabric as the flowers, and use deep green and yellow as other petals.
This is my first time to make kanzashi without sewing. I just use glue.
My mother said that I should make a white one (kanzashi flowers I mean). Because it would be like jasmine. Yeah, maybe next time I will make a white one like my mom suggest.
Alright, see you on next time! Good night!

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