Minggu, 18 Januari 2015

Cute Playful Brooches

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Well, good dawn everyone!!! ^o^
Yeah, dawn. The sun not there yet because it still 04.30 am. I just wake up about half hour ago because I want to Sholat (Pray) Isya. Last night I sleep about 7.30 pm so I didn’t  sholat yet.
Alright, today I will upload about my latest work that make me tired lately. Yeah tired enough to make me sleep early last night. Some cute fabric flower brooches! Look at them!
I really adore Tsumami Kanzashi from Japan and to make my fabric flower brooches, I adapt the technique. Actually I can’t make the real tsumami kanzashi because I do not have the original stuff (like bira-bira, hard wire, chirimen fabric, etc) to make it. So, I make adaptation so I can make something similar to the real one. That’s why I still call it as “Fabric Flower”.

Oh yeah, it’s all available in my online shop “Imero Hemo” (click the logo of Imero Hemo in this blog and you will go to my shop). Grab it fast if you want it! Happy shopping and see you next time! ^o^

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