Kamis, 30 Juli 2015

Handmade Booknote

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Hello, good morning! ^o^
Well, lately I just write a blog post each month. I’m so sad. I want to write more!
Okay, now I will write about a notebook that I made few weeks ago. That time, when I make it, I need a small notebook that I can bring everywhere but I was too lazy to buy it. So, I take some paper that I got a year ago from a hotel in Banjarmasin (Indonesia).
I learn to binding a book. I just use simple tools such as needle, yarn, ruler, pencil, cutter, and paper glue. For other stuff I use cardboard (yep, I recycle it), cotton fabric, lace, and ribbon.

This is the result. Not perfect yet but I like it! Hehehe ^_^

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