Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Crafting Girls

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Hello, happy Saturday!!! ^o^
Now, I want to tell you about yesterday event that I joined. Do you read my previous post? Alright, its about ice cream felt keychain. Yeah, this event that I mean I make that keychain for. This event joined by some nice girls, they’re my junior after all. Actually I teach them how to make a FD case too. They’re excited when I show them the FD case wafer and keychain ice cream felt. May be, they don’t know what will they make before.

The first thing we make was the FD case. Then some of them make the keychain. Usually I just need about 30 minutes to make a FD case, but they spent 2 hour to finish their own FD case. Yeah, for some of them, this is the first time they do hand sewing. So it’s a rather difficult for them. But, they’re great. The result was very good. You can see some of their creation. Its very colourfull. They made it with their own style of colour. Yeah, that’s very sweet!
And, I want to thank them for invited me. Thank you so much! Hope we’ll meet in another time. Alright, happy crafting, girl!!! ^o^

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