Sabtu, 15 September 2012

My Lovely Patchwork Cushion

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Oh My God! Finally, I can make some patchwork cushions! Thanks God! ^o^
Yeah, you know I really love patchwork but I do not expert on it. So, I learn how to sew some fabrics to make a sweet patchwork. And today, I finish my patchwork cushions. Actually I made one of them long time ago but I don’t finish it yet until today. But, because of my father say that he will buy the inside of cushion ( I call it dakron or silicon), I’m very excited and finish it this morning. And yes, finally all of them is finish! I’m so happy! ^o^

Like I said before that I learn to sew patchwork, so I just make simple patchwork. I use some cotton fabrics with different colours. I cut it about 8cm x 8cm.

Then I arrange and sew all of them.

And finish! Enjoy the pictures! ^o^

Oh my God, I’m very happy! ^o^

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