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Cute Kokeshi

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Finally, done! Horray! ^o^
Yeah, since long time ago, I want to make this kokeshi from felt. And today, I do it. Kokeshi that I know, the real kokeshi from Japan, is made by wood. But, yeah, because I can’t make kokeshi from wood (I don’t know how to), so I make it from felt. What do you think about my felt kokeshi? Pretty, isn’t it? Hehehe… ^_^

I sew flowers pattern on the felt with pink yarn, the branchs with orange-brown yarn (its two colours yarn), and the leaves with green yarn. Ah, yeah, I use two felt colours for the yukata (that wear by the kokeshi girl), they are yellow and violet, because I think those colours are pretty together. I also use some beads and a plastic pearl. I make the kokeshi girl has two buns and it use a cute flower hair accessories.
I make this kokeshi as keychain. Its rather small, just about 9cm x 4,5cm. I just make one, because it’s a little difficult to make. May be next time, I will make more. For now, this kokeshi keychain is available on my online shop (Imero Hemo).
Yeah, so? See you next time!

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