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Pompom Tutorial

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Good Sunday morning everyone!!! ^o^
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! What a sunny day! Alright, this morning I make a pompom tutorial while I watching anime on tv. Yeah, I’m 22 and still watching anime, so what? Its funny and make my Sunday after all. Hehehe… :p
After I do chores and cut my hair (yeah, finally I cut my hair), I take a rest before I take a bath. Then I sitting on my bed, turn on my tv, then make a pompom from yarn.
Like I said on my previous blog post, I’m fallin in love with cute and fluffy pompom yarn. But, unfortunately, I don’t have the tool or pompom maker. But, I’m not give up. I make the tool from cardboard. Alright, let’s begin the tutorial.

First, you can make tool or pompom maker of your own from cardboard like I do. The diameter is 2” and the inside diameter is about 1”. Make 2 of it. Then, I glue a cord or rope in one of the the tool, so it will make a gap. This gap is useful when we cut the yarn with scissor.
Then, covering the tool with yarn.
Cut the yarn like I do. Use sharp and small scissor. Don’t forget to do the haircut so it looks like a ball and fluffy.
Then tie the pompom. I use wool yarn for the pompom and cotton yarn for tie it.
After we tie it, then release the tool. Then finish!!! ^o^
Very easy, isn’t it? Actually we can make the pompom as doll, pompom doll. Just make the ears, eyes, mouth, etc from felt then glue it on the pompom, or use some different yarn in one pompom.
Alrigh, I hope you enjoy my tutorial. See you next time! ^_^

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