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Doodle : The Fighter

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“You’re fighting alone, because they don’t know that you’re a fighter”, its sentence that written on my doodle today. I have a reason why I wrote that.
Alright, doodle make me fallin in love! Actually I have another doodle that not finish yet. But, because I have bad mood today because of something, so I express my feeling on doodle. A gloomy doodle. In this doodle, I draw a girl with evil eyes. If you likes read manga or watching anime, you will know what I mean with evil eyes. Her eyes is small and long with her pupil not touch the bottom of her eye line. Usually, villain character on manga and anime has eyes like that, hehe… :p .She wears a dark gown, I make it looks like a gothic but a little vintage style. She also has long hair  and her bang covered one of her eye. Actually I want draw her full face (with two eyes), but because I use bold black pen and draw the hair first (before the face), so I can’t erase it. Sorry, but I don’t have tools to draw doodle. I just use the ordinary tools.

Yeah, the model on my doodle holds a sword. But I don’t draw a full sword, because not only I make it suitable with the model’s pose, but also to make the pose suitable with the sentence “You’re a fighting alone because they don’t know that you’re a fighter”. The sentence tells that people don’t know that her is a fighter, that why I draw just a half sword.
Ah, then for the meaning of the sentence. I wrote like that just to express my opinion. Its doesn’t mean the fighter always need help. No, not that. But, its just express my support for everyone who underestimed by other people. They’re not useless nor don’t have skill and knowledge. But, still people always underestimate them. They do their best to show to the world that they can do whatever people don't believe that they can. They do their best by their own, not because the help from their relatives. Whatever the result, fail or success, it doesn’t matter. Because thet stand by their own feet and do their best from zero by theirself. Ah, it looks like I talking something nonsense. But, I can’t explain it clearly. Argh, its so difficult to explain!
So, sorry, hehe… :p
Okay, see you next time! ^o^

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