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Review Novel : The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada

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Hello, good Saturday morning!!! ^o^
Okay, today I will review a novel that I read this week. Actually I bought this novel last year, end of November 2012 as a gift for myself after I pass my big and last exam. I bought this novel because I like detective novel, I curious about the story after read the synopsis on the back of the novel, I like the cover, and I never read novel (yeah, novel) with setting in Japan.
This novel is “Detective Mitarai’s Casebook, The Tokyo Zodiac Murders” by Soji Shimada. Actually, if I read a fiction story, I like read the setting, because it will make the story better. And I never read a novel (yeah, novel) with setting in Japan, like the situation, condition, and time. Beside that, I like the cover of that novel. Its very simple but tell many things. Oh yeah, I forget, this is Indonesian version, First time I read this novel, I was afraid. The prolog is scary and made me shivered. So, I never read this novel at night. After I read half of this novel, I really curios who is the culprit. So I cheated, I read the epilog. Wow, I never think that’s the ending.

The story is about murders of a painter (artist) who killed at his studio and his related women family after his death. All of the women mutilated like the description the painter’s wrote. The painter wants to make perfect goodness with the part of body of the women. Every woman lost their body part, there’s a corpse without head, corpse without chest, corpse without stomach, corpse without hip, corpse without legs, and corpse without bottom legs. But the weird things is the painter himself death before he can make that perfect goodness he called Azoth and kill all of his family (those women, there is 6 women). So, who is the culprit?
Yeah, because I have nothing to do while waiting for my graduation, so I use my time for read this novel carefully from prolog to epilog (Yeah, beside doing my craft projects). Its amazing story. I’m not wrong, the setting give big contribution, because this murders case only can do in Japan, for certain time, for certain tradition. Maybe the things that I don’t like is there is a notes from the novelis about the story. I’m little disturbed with it because I like enjoy the story but then something stopped me. But, after all, this novel is great. I recommended it for you to read.
Okay, see you next time and happy reading! ^_^

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