Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Kanzashi in Felt

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Hello, good morning everyone! ^o^
Today I will upload my latest craft project. You know, I really love kanzashi and I’m curious how about I make kanzashi from felt. Will it be cute like kanzashi that I make from fabric? Then, I try make it.
This is it! White Plum Kanzashi! What do you think?
I make it from white felt then I glue red beads on center of each flowers. Before that, I use red blush on on felt to make the effect. Yeah, blush on. Actually eyeshadow will works too. I ever read, some people use crayon to add colours on felt, but I never do that yet because I’m satisfied with blush on.
I love how white and red works on this white plum kanzashi. But I think the falls doesn’t work very nice. May be I will make another way, later.
This is my another kanzashi from felt, sakura kanzashi and nanohana kanzashi. I don’t make the falls because the reason above.
Alright, see you next time! ^o^

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