Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

Cute HD and FD Case : Doggy

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Finally done! Yeah! ^o^
What have I done? Look at my newest craft project, aren’t its cute? Hehehe… ^_^
Yeah, I make HD case and FD case from felt with doggy theme. My friend asked me to make her  HD case and FD case. She really loves dog and blue, so I design the cases like whats she adores. Fortunately, I bought some blue felt so I need not to go to market to buy it (Yeah, you know, the colour that I don’t like is blue, so I don’t have many crafts supply with that colour). I hope she likes the cases. ^_^
Oh yeah, I use Line Camera to editing this picture. Its really fun! But unfortunately, I spend lots of money  (for myself) to repair my phone before I can do many things with it. So, I can install some apps that I want, but of course, I spend lots of money for that too. Huuu… T^T. Yeah, I need to skimp…
Alright, forget my babbling. See you on next project! ^o^

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