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Minion Dolls From Felt

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Hello, Good Tuesday morning, everyone!
Today I will upload my newest craft project, that is minion dolls from felt. This time the one who request those dolls was my little brother. At Thursday night (last week), he came to my bedroom and said it would be cute if I make some minion dolls. Because of that time I was busy with my phone (remember, my phone has been repaired), so, I didn’t listen him carefully. Beside, I don’t know what “minion” is. When I asked him later, he said minion from a movie. But I never watch said movie. So, he said, just looking for the picture on internet or ask Google.
So, I did what my little brother said, to looking for the picture of minion as example on internet. Of course, then I make it.
This is my minion dolls from felt. A little weird, I know. When I show to my little brother, he said that the short one is fat and has one eye, and the tall one is thin and has two eyes, different with the minion dolls I made. He just laught when I said that was his own fault, because he just told me to looking for example by my own (remember, I never watch that movie). He said its not a big problem, because minion has many version. Aaahhh, that little brother of mine! Yeah, I make those two minion dolls as keychain that my little brother use as his motorcycle keychain and bag keychain ( he said like that).
Alright, see you in next project! ^o^

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