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My Rambling in Sunday and Cute Simple Pouch

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Good Sunday morning!!! ^o^
How odd! A sweet romance scene on this Kamen Rider or I’m the one who think this is odd? Ups, sorry, I just turn on my tv while I start writing this blogpost on my bed then watch the tokusatsu that aired. When I child, I think Sunday is happy day and children day. Because in Sunday lots of anime aired on every national channel, and its start from about 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. (from breakfast to lunch). I usually confused to choose which one to watch. I remember when I and my brothers fight to watch One Piece or Inuyasha, because they aired in same time but different channel. That time, we just have one tv in our home. Then, when my brothers go to somewhere or there is no anime they’re interested in, then I will switch channel to watch girly anime such as Tokyo Mew-Mew, Cardcaptor Sakura, Do Re Mi (I forget the tittle, but the story about 3 little witch girls that have little fairy named Dodo, Rere, and Mimi), and many more. But nowadays, there are just some anime, old Disney cartoons, and Nickelodeon cartoons that for toddler. Yeah, toddler!!! Worse, its just about 3-4 hours ,it will stop about 10 a.m. (ah yeah, I use Indonesian middle time ). How poor kids nowadays! They need to find anime that suitable for theirs taste by theirself.

Ah, I wonder what if one of national channel aired Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). It must be ended like Death Note, banned after first episode aired. Yeah, lots of anime banned in Indonesia, even One Piece and Naruto were banned after years aired on national channel. I don’t know it’s a hoax or not, but its look like true. People say that some great anime were banned because too much fighting scene, sexy clothes,etc.  But I agree, some of great anime are for adult and teenager/high schooler. I can’t imagine if those anime edited to make it suitable for toddler! It must be very terrible! It will ruin the anime itself.
OH. MY. GOD!!!
How long my rambling! Hahaha, I’m sorry for my rambling. Actually I want to write about my newest craft project that is cute simple pouch. But, when I start writing there is a distraction, that is a sweet scene on tokusatsu that reminds me of my old time. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!
Long time I do not sew. I mean sew a line to make a form like this simple pouch. Actually this pouch finished last evening but I do not take a picture yet because of the light. I like to use sun light in day time.
I make it from thick fabric. I don’t know the name. I got this fabric from my mom clothes. Yeah, this is recycle. The clothes is still good because it looks like my mom cut wrong pattern while making this, make it too small or something else, and it make her uncomfortable then she doesn’t use it for many time. For inside, I use glued fabric, or people call it as viselin if I’m not wrong, the fabric that will glued on other fabric and make it hard after ironing. The zipper also given by my mom. I don’t know what she use it before, but then didn’t need it anymore so she give it to me. Its small zipper, just about 15cm.
I glued a fabric flower, beads, felt as leaves, and lace in front of the simple pouch to make it looks cute. I think I can use it when I go to minimarket near my home. It suitable for my little phone and money. What a coincidence! After I finish this simple pouch, I praying Isya then my father asked me to accompany him to minimarket near home. So, why not? In the end I use this pouch before I take a picture of it. Hahaha!

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