Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

Sasirangan Pouch

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Another simple pouch. It looks like I’m not satisfied just make 1 simple pouch (my previous blogpost), then I make another one. But this time I make it from Sasirangan fabric. Sasirangan fabric is traditional fabric from South Kalimantan. Usually it made by cotton fabric, half silk, and silk. The sasirangan fabric I use to make this simple pouch is half silk fabric. If you see the picture carefully, then you will find the fabric itself has flower pattern. The half silk fabric before dyed to be sasirangan usually has pattern on it, such as flower and leaves. I love use half silk sasirangan because its not too soft like silk but not to stiff, and of course not as expensive as silk, hahaha.

I got this fabric from my mom. This is leftover fabric when she makes clothes. I love the colour and pattern of this fabric. My plant was after the pouch finish, then I will decorate it with flower fabric like my previous simple pouch. But after I finish sewing this, I have no heart to cover the perfect sasirangan pattern. It’s cute already and the pouch itself has 2 different pattern on the front and back (it same actually between front and back since I do not put some accessories on it). This pouch is very simple but cute (because I love sasirangan so much!).

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