Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

Happy Saturday !!! I'm Back !!!

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Hello!!! Long time no see and write over here. But now I’m back!!!
If you like to visit this blog of mine, you will notice I didn’t write anything over here for almost 2 months. Yeah, because I went to go some villages and doing something that makes me busy. But now, I’m back here and doing my passion again, that is crafting! Yeah, horray! ^o^
Today I will upload my latest fabric flower brooches. Actually I make it about a month ago. I made those brooches from sateen fabric. I just have time to make 2 because I don’t have enough time to make more. Look at them. They’re available on my online shop.

Ah, I also make other brooches. You can visit my online shop if you want have it. ^_^

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