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Learning Tsumami Zaiku

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Yay, finally I make it! ^o^
Well, hello, good dawn (because its not morning yet, hehehe). Okay, this dawn while I waiting for Praying Subuh, I will write about my latest craft project. I was learning how to make tusmami zaiku or kanzashi. I’ve bought a book about tsumami kanzashi. The seller told me that the title of that book was Tsumami Zaiku but on internet it says Kanzashi and Modern Corsage. I don’t know which one is right since I don’t understand Japanese. Yeah, I bought an import book. It’s rather expensive for me but it worth it. The book is very beautiful.
I learn the simple one. Even for the simple one, I did lots of mistakes (trial and error) until I make the good one (I think its good enough). Its really tiring and need so much glue but I am happy doing this. The result is very pretty and small. The small size make it cute. But yeah, I could make it very small like the book. On the book, the smallest size is 1cm x 1 cm, and the smallest that I can do is 2cm x 2cm on certain fabric. I use soft shirt fabric. I didn’t make it with chirimen yet because that beautiful fabric is still expensive for me. Hope one day I can buy it. hehehe… ^o^
Oh yeah, I make 12 colours of that simple kanzashi. You can check it on my Online Shop : Imero Hemo on fanpage facebook.
Alright, I need to go. See you next time! ^o^

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