Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

Storage Box

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I got bored with my messy pen boxes. Yeah, me and my family use some brands of pen. So, in my cupboard there are some different brand of pen boxes. Each boxes contain about 2 until 5 pens (because we already use it). So, I think why not I make a simple storage box for my pens, pencils, spidols, and glue. Yeah, glue for my glue gun so I can reach it quickly. So after I got home from mosque (after Taraweh), I make this simple storage box from card board.

I was in the mood to use purple so I use purple gift paper from Sinar Dunia. The thing that I like from this gift paper were it glossy so I can wipe it if it got dirty and its cheaper than other brand of gift paper. For inside, I use white white F4 paper from Mirrage. And, for glue, I use white glue from Fox.

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