Rabu, 12 November 2014

Galuh Bungas Brooches

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Hello, good morning everyone!!! ^o^
This morning I will write about my new design of brooch that I call Galuh Bungas. Actually I don’t know anymore what should I call this, but then I think, why I don’t name it with my mother language that is Bahasa Banjar. Bahasa Banjar is one of many of mother languages in Indonesia that used in Borneo Island. Then, I choose Galuh Bungas. Galuh Bungas means Gadis Cantik in Bahasa Indonesia or Beautiful Girl in English.
This brooch is rather big. I just make it in 2 colours and now it available on my online shop.

Alright, see you in next blog post (because I will write about my other new design of brooch)!!! ^o^

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