Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Cute Applique Mini Pillow

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Good Friday morning, everyone! ^o^
About a week ago, I went to my friend’s wedding party  with my friends. Alright, she’s not the great friend of me but I would like to give a gift for her wedding. But, I dunno what should I give. So, I decided I would make an applique mini pillow. The applique is the groom and bride bunny. Yes, its bunny eventhough its weird bunny, just the head, body, and fluffy tail. I use cotton fabric to make it.

Here is the groom. I sew the mouth with yarn and for the eyes I use felt fabric. I glue the felt. Yeah, I give the groom a black hat and tie.
For the bride, I give the bunny a pearl necklace, cute lace below the pearl necklace, and the flower on the head. I think its cute! ^_^
The mini pillow is small. Its just about 14” x 10”. Hope they like it. ^_^

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