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My Wardah Lipsticks Collection

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Hello, good Saturday morning, everyone! ^_^
Today I will write about my lipstick collection from Wardah, a local brand from Indonesia. I'm not a beauty blogger, I just a girl who loves colours so much. So, I'll only talk about the colours of these lipsticks.
Okay, I have 6 colours from Wardah Lipstick Matte. Well, actually it isn't as matte as you thought. I have brown (no.8), maroon (no.12),  bronze nude (no.15), gorgeous pink (no.17), rosi pink (no.18), and essential nude (no.19).

Okay, first no.8 that is brown. It's name is brown but I think its bronze. The colour is glossy (well not matte). I usually use this when I wear warm colours clothes like brown, dark orange, or maroon.
Second, no.12 that is maroon. Well, I bought it because the bold colour. I usually use this when I use red clothes or when I feel I want it. Sometimes I also use it when I want to intimidate people to don't mess with me. Hahaha ^o^
Third, this is the latest lipstick I bought, that is bronze nude (no.15). I looking for this colour since long time ago, because I want to try nude make up. Eventhough people say that I look pale, sick, or looks like a corpse, I still like it.
Fourth, no.17 that is gorgeous pink. Its name is pink but actually it is soft orange. This is my favorite colour. I use it almost everyday. Its looks good when I use both cold nor warm colour clothes. My face looks better with orange, thats why I usually use soft orange or coral blush on too.
Fifth, no. 18 that is rosi pink. This colour is pretty cute. I usually use it when I wear pink clothes or when I want to be sweet girl.
The last, no.19 that is essential nude. This colour is the first colour when I bought Wardah lipstick for the first time. Its looks good when my face a bit tan. The colour is paler than rosi pink but they are similar.
Well, actually I should use black hijab and clothes to make the colours look better. But I was too lazy to change my clothes after go back from work. That day I use bronze nude thats why I use clothes that suitable for that. Hehehe ^_^
Alright, see you next time~ ♡

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