Sabtu, 02 April 2016

Recycle, Flyer Box and Pincushion

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Good Sunday morning, everyone!
Long time I don't write over here. Yeah, I was busy and too lazy to write. Hehehe... :p
Oh yeah, this is my work few weeks ago and I just post it now, hahaha. Okay, this is flyer box that I make from used paper and cardboard. Let's recycle everyone!!!

Actually I need some boxes to make my desk tidy. Well, people keep telling me to buy a new proper one but I was too lazy and I love to recycling things. Also, I can save money rather than I bought a new plastic box.
Yeah, many people say that I'm stingy because I recycling things and don't want to spend money to buy a new one. Well, I don't care. I love to recycle things and my environment. I even think, what else I can recycle? I love the idea of reduce trash. I learn about it years ago in college. Sometime, people are weird. In class, they love the idea of recycle, reduce, and reuse. But in real life, they do the opposite. They even say that people who love recycle like me as stingy person. Weird, isn't it?
Ah yeah, this is my other work from recycle. I use used paper (both side are being written) as basic to make it a little heavy. Then I covering it with felt and fabric (don't worry, I use a new one). Look the result! It become something cute♡
Well, happy crafting everyone and don't forget to recycle! ^_^

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