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Tutorial Make Pincushion by Aina

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Good rainy Friday morning, everyone!!! ^o^
Today I will write a tutorial to make a cute pincushion. Its very easy to make. I use paper, felt, cotton fabric, dacron, ribbon, dan beads.
Okay, first, I cut some paper. The paper that I use is waste paper. No, I don’t take it from trash can. Those paper I used is paper that I used to write my college duties and I need not its anymore (because I have the files on my computer). I cut its about 3,5-4 cm. Then I roll it into a circle. Diameter is about 4-5 cm. I use masking tape to close it.

Second, I put felt on the top and bottom of that paper circle.
Then I cut cotton fabric, diameter is about 10-12 cm. I sew the fabric and filling it with dacron.
I put the filled dacron fabric on top of the circle paper (or tube paper).
I cut 2 different colour felt like picture and stick it on the circle paper (tube paper).
I make a little bow from ribbon and wrapped the ribbon around that circle paper (tube paper). Then I glue the bow on it.
Finish!!! ^o^
I hope my tutorial is usefull and you like it. See yaaa...!!! ^o^

Martapura, 18 Jan 2013

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