Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Phone's Bed for My Mom

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Alright, good midnight, everyone! ^_^
If you ask me what I make this time, then the answer is phone’s bed. Yeah, this is bed for phones. Maybe many people like to use phone holder to their phones, I have one too, but it doesn’t suit me. So, I make this kind of phone’s bed. I inspirated by traditional bed to make it. Okay, I call it as phone’s bed because it is place for my phones to rest. Weird? Yeah, but I don’t care. Usually when I doing something I like to put my phone beside me. Its easier for me to put my phones on this phone’s bed than phone holder, because I can doing blog walking while doing something else.

Actually I ever make some phone’s beds for myself nor my parents, and this orange one is the newest one. My phone’s beds are small and the colours are beige and red. But when I make it for my parents, they said its too small. So I make the big one for my mom. Its about 12cm x 15cm while mine is about 8cm x 12cm. I put a cute flower (I buy it, not make it), cut green felt as leaves, and cute lace. Isn’t cute? Hehehe… ^_^

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