Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Cute Yellow Rose Brooch

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Yeah, I’m making new brooch! Brooches actually, hehehe… J
Finally, I can make fabric flower like this. Since long time ago I really want make this kind of rose fabric flower, and today I do it. I make some roses with different colours, like yellow (of course), soft green, pink, and purple.
I use it as flower to my new brooches. Actually this design of brooch is quite popular here and I also like it, but I make it with my style. I also use lace and plastic pearl as decoration. I love my new yellow brooch!

Oh yeah, I also make other brooch with pink, soft green, and purple fabric flowers. But I just use yellow for myself and others I put on Imero Hemo. If you don’t mind, please follow my blog (this blog, and if you want me to follow your blog, please leave some message) and like my FanPage at Imero Hemo (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Imero-Hemo/333872803381200). Thank you so much!

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